Mum loses 14kg after not being able to play with her daughter in the playground

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Ash hated how she’s looked for so long that until now she’s never known what it was like to love herself. She couldn’t even play with her daughter in the playground.

“I saw the sadness in my 2 year old daughter’s face when she would pull me towards the playground but I would have to send her with her dad because I knew I wouldn’t fit,” says Ash.

But after learning to use The Healthy Mummy Private Support Group on Facebook, this mum found empowerment to keep on going on her weight loss journey and has now lost 14kg and 72.5cm since October 2017.

Ash Logan before and afterImpacting the family

“The Healthy Mummy has had a HUGE impact on my family. Not only do I have more energy but I am also a lot happier. And we all know what they say… happy wife happy life,” says Ash.

Because they’re not filling their trolley with junk food, Ash and her family are able to save money from their weekly grocery bill and enjoy meals like our chicken and chorizo pasta, which Ash says is a hands down winner! Ash adds that the Mexican lasagne (pictured below) is the family’s go-to meal as she says they always have the ingredients!


The scales are still an obstacle for Ash, “I was a 2-3 times a day weigher and if they didn’t go down I would let them bring me down,” Ash says.

“My one big tip is to just focus on one thing at a time. If you focus on it for long enough it soon becomes a habit and then you can move on to the next. Before you know it you’ll have many new good habits  that will replace the old and focusing on just one thing is less daunting than trying to focus on five,” Ash says.

Like most Ash has found it hard at times to stay positive throughout her journey, but seeing the change in not only her body and mind but also in her daughters face, as she can be more active with her, has helped keep Ash positive!

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