Take Our One-Minute “Quickie” Sex Quiz… And See How You Score

There are so many excuses for a suffering sex life. But how does you and your partner’s sex life rate according to the sexperts? This one-minute test will tell (and it takes less time than your standard ‘quickie’).
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Relationship experts have devised a quick quiz to help you rate your sex life. So how are you faring in your love life?

The Quickie Quiz

For each statement, add up the points.

  1. Most of the time, I am too tired for sex. (Yes – 2 points. No – 1 point)
  2. Sex is normally saved for a nighttime activity. (Yes – 2 points, No – 1 point)
  3. Generally, I am too stressed for sex. (Yes – 2 points, No – 1 point)
  4. Often I use my phone, television or another electronic device to help me fall asleep. (Yes – 2 points, No – 1 point)
  5. My sex life lacks spontaneity.(Yes – 2 points, No – 1 point)
  6. Sex outside the bedroom is unusual. (Yes – 2 points, No – 1 point)
  7. Romance takes too much energy. (Yes – 2 points, No – 1 point)
  8. Sex is pretty much a one-position thing. (Yes – 2 point, No – 1 point)
  9. Most of the time, I’d rather sleep than have sex. (Yes – 2 points, No – 1 point)
  10. Sex is pretty much a once a week (or less) kind of thing. (Yes – 2 points, No – 1 point)

How Do You Rate?

16-20 Points – Okay. We get it. Sex is kind of an annoying chore that you really would rather not do. Like the dishes. But, the dishes pretty much have to be done or they turn really gross. And your husband, well, he can take care of himself.

Whatever the case, try to put a bit of effort into your sex life and see if it makes a difference to your general well-being. And, if you really can’t find the time, ask your hubby to do the dishes. And you do the rest.

15-11 points – There is room for improvement in your sex life but hey, you’ve got a bit of a balance. And that’s better than nothing, right?

10 or less – Sex is part of your regular routine and you seem to have mastered it. Congratulations! Now make sure you share these results with your partner so he knows just how lucky he is to have you!

Speedy Sex Isn’t All That Bad

It’s no secret that sexperts believe sex is a key ingredient to a happy relationship. But it doesn’t have to be long, passionate or intense every time. Quickies have a bad rep for being a lazy act of real sex. But, turns out, even a quick sexual encounter can be healthy for couples.

So even if you don’t have time to light the candles, book a hotel or even manage to get all your clothes off, a little bit of fun is better than none!

Want to know how to spruce up your sex life? Check out our top reasons to have sexy time tonight as well as the best excuses if the kids accidentally catch you in the act (because it’s bound to happen sooner or later).



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