Samara shares why it’s so important to look after yourself

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Time and time again, we hear mummies say the reason they decided to sign up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is because they decided it was time to do something for them, after neglecting themselves for so long.

Looking after kids takes a lot out of you, and it’s natural to want to make your little ones your whole world. But by putting yourself first for once, you are actually looking out for them as well. If you feel happy and healthy then you’ll be the best you can be for your whole family!

Beautiful Samara, who is a mum-of-two, shares why she thinks it’s important to take care of yourself and why you shouldn’t feel guilty for it!

Samara shares why it's so important to look after yourself

Samara shares her tops tips for self care

What is self care?

Samara shares why it's so important to look after yourself

First things first… Let’s define what self care is and what it is not.

Self care is NOT selfish. It is not something you should feel guilty about.

Self care is when you consciously try to improve or protect your own health, happiness and well-being. Put simply, it means that you are aware of your own needs, and you do what you need to do to get these needs met. When you look after yourself, you can support others (like your kiddies) in a more positive way.”

Why is it so important?

Samara shares why it's so important to look after yourself

“Being a mum might be one of the most psychologically challenging jobs out there. I think most will agree that with every incredible high that we can have through parenting, the feelings of self doubt, worry, depression and anxiety can be matched just as intensely.

We need to understand the importance of prioritising self-care and recognising it as a necessity rather than a luxury. I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying – ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’.

To avoid a major burnout, find things that you enjoy doing for yourself. These things will ‘fill your cup’ and help keep you going!

After all, you wouldn’t be able to drive a car with no petrol! Physical, emotional, and mental health should be looked after in the same way!”

How can I practice self care?

  • Do it whenever you can fit it in.
  • Do it however you can fit it in.
    Do it for as long as you can fit it in.

“Most of the time, self care for me is spending time at the gym with my music on. I can zone out and think of nothing outside of those walls,”says Samara.

“Sometimes, it’s letting the tv babysit the girls for an hour while I lie down and watch something on Netflix that has a rating above PG. Other days, it’s simply enjoying my morning coffee, on my balcony in the sun. I also see a therapist, I journal, and every now and then I might get to enjoy a sneaky little sleep in on a Sunday morning.”

In fact, self-care doesn’t have to be splashing out hundreds of dollars on a spa day, it can be as simple as having a bath!

“On the very odd occasion, I have been lucky enough to jump in a bath – yes, a bath,” says Samara.

“I add bubbles and bath salts and listen to the 10 minute Mind Body Breath meditation on the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app. I close my eyes and do nothing.

“And even though I am often surrounded by toys and mess and there are several other things I could be doing in that moment, I use those 10 minutes to recharge and take care of myself.”

How do I start taking care of myself?

Samara shares why it's so important to look after yourself

“Now is the time to figure out what you enjoy, what you want and what you need! Maybe you enjoy reading. You want more time to yourself without interruptions. And you might need to drink more water through the day.

Book in a ‘self care’ appointment every couple of days. Pop a movie on for the kids to keep them distracted, try when baby naps, or send them off for an ice cream with dad.

Pour a glass of water (or wine), grab your favourite book and enjoy the peace and quiet without interruptions. If you absolutely cannot find time through the day, try to set aside half an hour to yourself after the kids have gone to sleep.”

Samara shares why it's so important to look after yourself

Don’t forget about your village!

“Being a mum can often feel quite isolating. If you don’t have the support of family close by, or a partner, try to find your support amongst friends.”

Samara shares why it's so important to look after yourself

“No one understands the stresses that come with parenting, more than other parents! Find your village and help one another,” adds Samara.

“Come up with a plan so that you can help each other take that much needed (and deserved) time out!! Set clear boundaries (with yourself and others), learn your limits and allow yourself to ask for help when it is needed.”

“Always remember: self care is not selfish mama. It is a necessity.”

Very wise words, Samara!

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