These mums are here to inspire your self-love celebration by sharing theirs

Self-love is a journey of self-acceptance which does not involve harsh criticism or self-punishment. These mums share their own self-love celebration.
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Self-love is a journey of self-acceptance which does not involve harsh criticism or self-punishment.

Two of The Healthy Mummy’s lovely mums, Phoebe Phillips and Jenni Wright are great believers in self-love and celebrate their bodies without judgment.


These two mums share how they have learnt to love their bodies

Jenni is learning to love herself

Mum of two, Jenni isn’t taking other peoples negativity to heart. She knows how far she has come and loves her body because of the work she has put to get here.

“Someone made a passing comment about how much weight l had lost, that I’m too skinny now and have man arms.  

No, I’m healthy and strong now!!!

If you were to stop me and ask me my reasons, I would happily tell you that I spent a large amount of time in my life hating myself, in unhealthy relationships in many aspects of life including with food.

I look at my body now like I owe it, I need to keep it healthy!!! I put it through absolute hell and it still never gave up on me. I realised that I wanted it to be healthy and strong again!!!

People get fake boobs, nose jobs etc and I have no issues with that in the slightest. YOU choose what you want to do with your life and what makes you happy. 

I believe in being happy and kind to others, I believe in strength, I believe in being healthy & I believe in being the best version of me… 

You can be whatever you want in life… 

If you are willing to work hard and have a positive attitude you can achieve anything… amazing things can happen!! 

So if I choose to eat healthy and keep fit I don’t really see the issue. (but people still do) 

My body is a symbol of my strength and I won’t compromise on that ever   

Don’t like it… tough  xxxx 

Thank you The Healthy Mummy you’ve changed my life for the better. A celebration of ourselves.”

Well done Jenni, we think you look amazing and love that you have such a positive mindset and don’t let other people’s negativity to get the better of you.


Mum of four, Pheobe is remembering to celebrate her body that made her babies

Pheobe’s reminder to mums everywhere who may struggle with loving their body after having their babies.

“Tonight’s post is self-love. 

It’s a celebration of our bodies.

I never used to have any of that. In fact, I’d go as far to say I hated myself. I hated my body. I hated the way I looked. I just hated it all.

I then found The Healthy Mummy and started following this page and I started to learn to appreciate myself. I learnt how to look after myself and how to look past any imperfections, to turn them into quirky little things I could love.

  • This body has grown four full-term babies. 
  • This body has birthed four babies naturally. 
  • This body has breastfed four babies over seven years. 
  • This body has been a comfort to all my babies at some point in time.

So I’ve learnt to respect this body, to fuel it appropriately to be the best mum I can be for my babies. I’ve learnt how to love myself, even though I’m not perfect. This page has taught me that we are all perfectly imperfect, and that’s beautiful and we should celebrate it.”

We love this message from Pheobe and believe it’s something that all mums should remember when they are on their own journey. Read more of Pheobe’s amazing story here.

At The Healthy Mummy, we feel that the first step to success is self-love and self-acceptance. We love to support those mums who inspire us – thank you and well done Phoebe and Jenni!

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