Real mum shares her Healthy Mummy smoothie experience

We know that The Healthy Mummy smoothies are amazing but love it when our community share their love. Read this real mum review of our smoothies.
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Healthy Mummy Lee Khoury shared recently her experience of drinking The Healthy Mummy smoothies whilst breastfeeding her 10month old with our community.

Heathy mummy smoothies - breastfeeding friendly

Lee’s smoothie review

“I just wanted to let you know about my experience with The Healthy Mummy meal replacements.

I’m still feeding my 10month old and I had not lost any weight since having her. I have tried The Healthy Mummy meals but found myself always snacking because I’m always preparing meals for the kids (plus I’m hungry 24/7).

I have my daughter’s baptism and first birthday coming up and ordered a dress online which is a bit tight. I decided enough is enough and it’s time to try the meal replacements but was very unsure as I thought I would not be able to continue feeding my daughter. I stopped feeding my son at six months (for other reasons) and was afraid that I would have to stop (I want to be feeding until she is 1)

To my surprise, I have not had any drop in supply and I have lost 2kgs in two weeks and I’m not hungry either. I had never tried any meal replacements either as I thought that they would taste disgusting but, I love salted caramel. I know everyone is different but wanted to let other mums know out there about doing meal replacements and still feeding.”

Try out The Healthy Mummy Smoothies now

As we all know, being a mum can be exhausting which can leave us too tired to eat the right foods and get the right nutrition in our diets. This is where The Healthy Mummy Smoothie can help.

Healthy Mummy smoothie confidence boosting
The Healthy Mummy Smoothie range has been formulated by leading nutritionists, dieticians and with the input from the Monash University.

It offers an excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and important antioxidants.  It is free from any weight loss accelerants, caffeine, contains no wheat ingredients, no fructose, is 96% sugar-free and is dairy free. It is also a non Genetically Modified product and is breastfeeding friendly.

You can download the smoothie label and ingredient list here.

Buy your Healthy Mummy Smoothie HERE.

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