Stacey has lost 40kg – she’s now confident enough to strip down and show off her stunning figure!

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We recently invited seven AWESOME Healthy Mummies to Sydney to take part in our BIG black underwear photoshoot and celebrate their amazing weight loss. One of those mums was Stacey Chisholm from Ballarat, Victoria who’s lost an awesome 40kg!

Since joining the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in November 2014, mum-of-three Stacey’s adopted a new, healthy way of life and is even training to be a personal trainer! Plus, she is looking GORGEOUS in her black underwear!

Check out her story below!

Stacey Chisholm before and after underwear 2-2

Confidence makeover!

When Stacey was encouraged to be a part of the big black underwear photoshoot by her local Ballarat Healthy Mummy group, she thought she’d try her luck.

But when Stacey found out she had been selected, she was gobsmacked!

“I was in bed shaking and crying, I just couldn’t believe it. I opened up the email and it was a big shock,” says Stacey.

“Being there for the photoshoot made me realise how much happens behind the scenes, so many women that work hard every day to make The Healthy Mummy happen is incredible. Everyone is so lovely and I had the best time of my life.”


Stacey Chisholm underwear

Stacey’s Healthy Mummy journey

Stacey came across the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in November 2014.

“I knew about the Challenge, and the routine like the meal planning and stuff, that’s what made me want to join it.”

40kg lighter, Stacey has physically and mentally transformed – and her happiness and self-assurance is at an all time high!

“I used to wear long sleeved tshirts and jumpers in summer because I hated showing my arms off. But I can wear shorts now, I never used to wear them until I was 18, I even take selfies as well.”

Stacey once hated exercise, but now she works out six days a week and loves it! In fact, she loves it so much she is training to be a personal trainer.

“I just want to help other people to lose weight, and I know how hard it is, being so big and I want to tell people who are big that you can do it. I just want to transform people’s lives.”

You’re an inspiration Stacey, congratulations on achieving so much!

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