Tarryn is excited to be wearing regular jeans again

Tarryn has lost 15 kilos since September 2023 and can now fit into her regular jeans.
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Tarryn is a 31 year old Homeschooling Mum of 7, from QLD. She started with the Healthy Mummy in 2022 after baby #6. A pregnancy in between and back at it again post baby #7 in 2023. 

Tarryn lost 35 kilos the first time she joined The Healthy Mummy, and says she has every intention to reach for those big losses again. 

Tarryn has proudly lost 15 kilos since September 2023 and can now fit into her regular jeans instead of maternity jeans.

Now I can fit regular jeans!

October – December 2023

Size 16 – size 14

“After previous babies, I wore maternity jeans, for years! They were more forgiving and easier to get on, but now I’m loving wearing regular jeans again. Especially seeing the changes in the sizing as I continue on my journey.

I was often one to wear baggy clothing or bland things because I suppose that’s how I felt.. now I’m embracing tighter fitting and bolder colours because I want my personality to shine through, I am no longer afraid or ashamed to be seen in my clothing style and I know this will only increase as I lose more weight, and my confidence fully emerges. I’m excited to see where this journey will take me! This is only the beginning!”

This photo comparison is just shy of 3 months difference, and despite the colour differences in the different lighting, this is the same pair of size 14 pull on jeans. They’re far easier to pull up now, they go up higher and cover a larger percentage of my stomach. I feel I could wear these now, whereas after the first photo, I couldn’t wait to get them off so I could breathe better – there’s no way I could’ve sat down in them then.

I no longer have any doubts. There is no disbelief. It’s just chipping away, making the next choice, to keep choosing this path.

I CHOOSE health and I choose to work on me, because I know how much I value my family, and I want to give them (and myself) the version of me that they will remember fondly..

The Mum who plays, the Mum who isn’t afraid of what people think, the Mum who laughs uncontrollably and joins in with all the fun, without hesitation! I want to be that Mum. The version of me that I know is slowly beginning to emerge again.

We asked Tarryn what a few of her favourite things were about The Healthy Mummy

I love The Healthy Mummy smoothies and I have a choc almond smoothie every day without a doubt! It’s become my favourite breakfast, and I love using the recipe from the app to make it.

I loved using The Healthy Mummy supplements to help me reach my goals. I also often use the below products…

What Tarryn eats on a typical day


Breakfast: Tummy snack bar before 5km walk

Snack: Healthy Mummy smoothie with protein powder, banana, oats

Lunch: Healthy Mummy meal from app such as Easy Fried Rice or salad sandwich

Afternoon snack: Banana, Cinnamon, Oat muffins

Dinner: Healthy Mummy meal like Stovetop Lasagne or Devilled Sausages

Dessert: Chocolate Healthy mummy smoothie

Tarryn’s top tips

Start small, make 1 healthy choice at a time and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Your body will do the rest! 

“I think my biggest advice would be not to overthink it, just nourish and move your body, and believe in yourself! There’s no right or wrong way to do the challenges, just focus on areas you’d like to improve, and you’re already halfway there.”

Big goals and big savings on your grocery bills are all part of being a Healthy Mummy.

“I have saved roughly $800 throughout the challenge as I limited our spending toward junk foods and takeout. As a large family this is a fair chunk of savings, as before the healthy mummy it was a weekly purchase!”

“This was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself!!

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