The top paying jobs you need to apply for asap!

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Discover some of the top highest-paying jobs in Australia at the moment.

Data released last week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reveals some of the most high paying jobs across Australia.

The top paying jobs

In August 2023, median weekly earnings for employees was $1,300, up $52 from $1,248 in August 2022. Median weekly earnings increased at a faster rate for women than men over the past 5 years, in part because the proportion of women working full-time increased.

ABS also revealed the occupation groups with the highest median weekly earnings were Managers ($1,917 per week) and Professionals ($1,750). The lowest were Sales workers ($750), Labourers and Community and personal service workers (both $900).

1. Mining

The top earning position on the ABS list is mining.

Those in the industry can earn a median income of $2403 per week.

2. Electricity, gas, water and waste services

Those in the electricity, gas, water and waste services sector stacked up as the second-highest earning position.

The median weekly wage in this industry is $1900, an increase from $1876.

3. Financial and insurance services

The financial and insurance services sector had a weekly median income of $1750 up from $1686.

4. Professional, scientific and technical services

Those working in professional, scientific and technical services saw a median weekly income of $1726, up from $1675.

5. Public administration and safety

Professionals in the public administration and safety sector, including local government workers, enjoyed a median weekly income of $1650.

6. Information media and telecommunications

Those in the information, media and telecommunications industries have also seen an increase in weekly wages.

Their median weekly income is $1630.

7. Construction

The construction industry remains in high demand.

Those in this industry can earn a median weekly income of $1473.

8. Transport, postal and warehousing

The transport, postal and warehousing industry is also growing.

Professionals in this industry can earn a median weekly income of $1400.

9. Manufacturing

Those in the manufacturing industry have a median weekly income of $1400.

10. Wholesale trade

Sneaking into the top 10 of highest paying jobs on the list is the wholesale trade industry

Those in this industry can see a median weekly income of $1346.

Lowest paid jobs

Retail trade and food services came in a bit further down the list with some of the lowest median weekly earnings.

Retail trade — $875 a week.

Accommodation and food services — weekly income of $650.

Arts and recreation services ($915, down from $1,000)

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