This is how many calories can be burned during sex

To burn calories (and see awesome weight loss results), sticking to a healthy meal plan and consistent exercise is key. But what about sex? Does sexy time really count as exercise? Can you burn major calories by having sex?

Scientists at the University of Quebec in Montreal conducted a study that revealed exactly how many calories can be burned in the bedroom.

Need an excuse for more sexy time? This could be it!

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This is how many calories can be lost during sex

The study

The study examined 21 couples whom wore a fitness tracker to monitor energy expenditure during sexual activity.

What was tracked and how?

Perceived energy expenditure, perception of effort, fatigue and pleasure were also assessed during and after sexual activity.

The couples also completed a 30 minute run on a treadmill at a moderate intensity (with a 5 minute walking warm-up). Men were reported to have burnt 276 calories and women 213 calories.

Following their treadmill efforts, the couples were then asked to complete a questionnaire. This questionnaire asked questions like:

  • How would you compare your effort between sexual activity and that of the exercise performed on the treadmill?
  • What was your personal perception of pleasure after sexual activity?

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The results

When it came to the participants moving to the bedroom, 101 calories were burned from the man’s side while 69.1 calories for the woman.

So, it’s safe to say that sexy time is not only fun but can assist in weight loss.

The sessions lasted between 10 minutes to 1 hour and the study states, “these results suggest that sexual activity may potentially be considered, at times, as a significant exercise.”

The study also found that the level of intensity that is exerted from sexual activity could be higher to that of walking at 4.8 km/h but lower to that of jogging. #Interesting! 

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