Update on The Healthy Mummy products

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The super exciting update you have all been waiting desperately to hear…

As most of you know, Rhian sold The Healthy Mummy around 22 months ago and in August of this year (2023) it was sold again to a new Company called Mosh (who are a health business).

We know that there have been HEAPS of products out of stock over the past year and lots of changes made that have been frustrating and we just want to let you know that we do know how annoying this has been and Rhian would like to say how sorry she is that this year has been so annoying in Healthy Mummy land.

Update on The Healthy Mummy

Rhian would love to share an honest and open update with you all….

To give some context – the Company who originally bought The Healthy Mummy in 2022 was called Halo and unfortunately they went into administration mid 2023 and because of this they were not able financially to keep placing orders for smoothies or invest in content- and this is why so many products went out of stock.

When Mosh then bought the business in August this year, they had a rather large stock issue and I am sure you can imagine it has been really hard for them and frustrating too!

But I have been helping them since October 2023 and I am so happy to say that Mosh are investing heavily in the business, they genuinely care about health and have been blown away with the community and they now have new Aussie manufacturers of the Smoothies which is a MASSIVE win!

And they have said YES to everything I have asked for to support the customers and community including new stock, new exercise content, new recipe content, competitions and support back and a new app – and I am SOOO happy the business is BACK ON TRACK and focusing on the core of what it has always done – content, the customer and the community.

And I am sure you would have already seen that Double Choc Premium Smoothie is back in stock – HOORAY but also I am so so happy to say that in around 10 days we will also have back Caramel Premium, Banana Sundae Premium and Espresso Premium.

THANK GOODNESS and more importantly, thank you for your patience and for sticking around over this year – I appreciate it so much so THANK YOU.

As you all know I put blood, sweat and tears into The Healthy Mummy and YOU the customer for 12 years so I LOVE the brand, the business and you the customer and I am so happy it is all now back on track after a tricky few months and I am 100% committed to ensuring it stays that way.

The Healthy Mummy Product update

And here is an extra update on where things are at so you are bang up to date with everything.

👉 New stock has now come in for Pink Clay Mask, Double Chocolate Premium Smoothies, Apple Cider Vinegar, Bloat, Kids Chocolate Smoothie and Metabolism Tablets.

👉 New stock is coming in within 10 days for Premium Caramel Smoothie, Premium Banana Sundae Smoothie, Espresso Premium Smoothie and in Feb we will have more stock coming in for 45+ Vanilla Smoothie and Healthy Man Smoothie in Chocolate.

👉 We now have new recipes in the app and I hope you LOVE them – with more coming in 2024

👉 We now have new FAST FITNESS guides in the app and I hope you LOVE them – with more coming in 2024

👉 New app (existing members will have the same and full access to the existing one and when it launches all members will be migrated over) with more bells and whistles – but this will be much longer to create as Mosh want to invest heavily in a new app with even more functionality and motivation for you – but it will be amazing when it comes in mid 2024 and will be everything you already have but MORE – much more included!!

👉 Lots of GREAT offers coming to help everyone out on a budget so keep your eyes on emails 👀

😦 And I am so sorry that stock has been an issue – but Mosh are investing in this so it will be a short lived problem.

Let me know in our Facebook group what you want to see in the future so I can pass all of this on to the team who are as passionate as always about you, the customer and community.

And we would love to know any things/functionality you want to see in the new app too that I can pass on to the super app team.

Rhian x 

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