Do you use contraception? It’s been revealed Aussie women are not

A new study shows there a large number of Aussie women who are opting out of contraception which is causing unplanned pregnancies. But why are women not using contraception?
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A  study from the Medical Journal of Australia has revealed some big numbers of women who are not using contraception which ends in unintended pregnancy and what the reaction from this unexpectancy is.

The study interviewed 2,571 women and more than half had unintended pregnancies, the result of unprotected sex.

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The study in numbers

La Trobe University researchers found that almost a third of these women had an abortion due to the unintended nature.

Here are more findings from the survey:

  • Those who had accidental pregnancies, 30% had abortions.
  • The past 10 years saw 1,390 women fall pregnant with more than a quarter of those pregnancies unintended.
  • Most women who had unintended pregnancies (205 of 362 women) did not use contraception at the time.
  • Those that did, relied on the pill (64%), condoms (27%), long-acting reversible contraception (6%), a diaphragm (1%) or the withdrawal method (2%).
  • In 94 cases where the pregnancy was unwanted, 78 (83%) had abortions.

Sounds pretty simple right? So why aren’t more Aussie women using contraception?

Lead researcher, Dr Angela Taft said, “In Australia, we have access to a wide and affordable range of contraception and it’s concerning to discover many women and their partners who are not planning to fall pregnant are not taking any precautions.”

What contraception do you use? Here is everything you need to know about IUD’s!

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