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And the winners are……

  • Stacy Reclenberg & Heath Sears
  • Ashley Denham & Brian Denham
  • Cindy Ters & George Ters
  • Kelsey Thompson & Ma’am To’ona’a
  • Bek Tickner & Rob Tickne

Congratulations to you all.

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If you and your partner are up for getting healthy in 2022 and need some extra help to do it then we can help!

You can read here about how getting your partner onboard means more success for both of you

We are looking for 5 couple teams to send a FREE Healthy Mummy and Healthy Man pack – each prize pack is worth over $500! (plus if you want to check out our 8 Week Challenge for under $20 go here)

The pack will include 4 x Healthy Man Meal replacements, 4 x Healthy Mummy Smoothies (2 x premium and 2 x Tummy), a selection of Skin Products, 2 x Shakers and a Super Greens – WOW!

And in return for the mega pack to help you reach your goals – we would love you to share your journey and if you share your progress photos (and how you have gone) at the end of 4 weeks and 8 weeks we will give you a $100 Coles voucher at each 4 week interval as a WELL DONE!!

How good is that?!

Get ready to SUPER CHARGE your health and set some serious couple goals

Enter below and we will choose the winners next week (the competition will close Jan 31st at midnight)

How getting your partner on board with weight loss means more success! For both of you!

When you embark on a weight loss journey or lifestyle change, having the right support around you can often mean the difference between success and failure. That support can come from lots of different places, but there’s no denying getting your partner to support you can be a big factor in reaching your goals.Having someone at home to help keep you accountable when temptation strikes or your motivation starts to wane can easily stop you from falling back into old habits.But what about if you can do that for each other?! A recent study found that couples who hold EACH OTHER accountable for healthy lifestyle changes, led to better weight loss outcomes compared to control groups that tried to change on their own.The bottom line is you’re more likely to succeed if your partner is on board!

Chelsea and Andrew

Chelsea has been following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for two years and has lost a whopping 60 kilos! Her partner Andrew not only supported Chelsea, subsequently lost 26 kilos himself through the lifestyle changes.

Chelsea says  “When I decided it was time for me to do something and start looking after myself I joined the Healthy Mummy Lifetime membership and was all in, my partner Andrew had the option to eat what I ate, which sometimes he loves but sometimes he didn’t and would whinge but I had to think of something that would intrigue him. He loves burgers so we would have Healthy Mummy Burgers and slowly introduced other foods which were both new to us.

We started family walks, trips to the park to get in incidental exercise as he has a bad back due to medical conditions which limit him sometimes.”

“I feel we are reconnecting and enjoying life a lot more, I was never active I never wanted to do much, I spent most of our days on the couch or asleep at night, so I feel the Healthy Mummy has not only helped me lose weight,  it’s given me so much more to live for and helped me reconnect with the man I love and adore

I’m so proud of him for losing 26kgs and not needing medication for cholesterol, diabetes and more.”

Having lost some significant weight Andrew is enjoying a healthy lifestyle with Chelsea and while Chelsea maintains her weight loss with the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, Andrew is continuing his journey with the Healthy Man Meal Replacement. With a plan to lose 5 kilos, he’s already lost 2 kilos and 12 cms of his body.

Andrew says, “It’s just so convenient, helps me not skip meals, and keeps me fuller for longer which is keeping me on track.”

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Andrew says  “Chelsea’s journey made me realise I don’t need to eat so much junk (sometimes foods) it’s just as easy to make a sandwich as it is to buy chips, eating healthier makes me happier.

I feel it has brought us closer, I am a chef and she now has more appreciation for food, we have reconnected and gotten closer again.”

Melissa and Jeff

Melissa has been following the Healthy Mummy lifestyle for four years having lost 37 kgs in 9 months. It took about two years before Melissa’s partner adopted the same healthy lifestyle and he then lost 13 kg in 10 weeks and has just been maintaining that ever since.

Melissa says “I am super proud of him and the choices he has made with changing his food and what he chooses to drink now. No more soft drinks, only water and now he uses the Healthy Man Meal Replacement too.

“My journey with the Healthy Mummy definitely made my partner realise that you can still enjoy delicious meals that are also better for you, by swapping out a few ingredients here and there he still gets to eat some of his favourite meals in a healthier alternative without impacting the taste too much. “


Weight loss advice EVERY mum needs to hear from a mum who’s lost 37kg

“It took him a while to get on board with the exercise part of it but eventually he started doing some workouts with me once or twice a week and he really enjoyed spending some extra time with me. It definitely bought us closer together because we could do something that we both enjoyed and could have a laugh at each other.

We love boxing together and we are both very competitive which can make it interesting at times. We try to beat each other and that’s a great motivation to push harder.”


“Getting your partner on board can be a challenge on its own”

“I find that sometimes people don’t know what they are missing out on until they can experience it themselves. It didn’t take long where he actually enjoyed being part of my journey he also wanted his own journey.

One day I gave him a go of boxing and he was a little bit unco at first but it was a great laugh and we both really enjoyed the time together which is what made it so much more enjoyable.

The impact it has had not only on our relationship but our whole family is definitely a positive one. The one thing I wanted is that we could just live our best possible life.”


“We both have a different mindset now, taking the kids to the park, or for a bushwalk, swimming with our kids and being able to have the energy to keep up with 2 very active little people is a breeze now.

The biggest thing I think would be that we both feel comfortable in our own skin and we have the confidence to show that off now.”

Wow – we want to say a HUGE congratulations to these inspiring couples – living their best life.

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