10 amazing hacks every mum should know about!

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All mums are desperate for hacks to make the demands of parenting just that little bit easier.

We’ve complied together a list of our favourite parenting hacks – some are ingenious. Check them out…

10 INCREDIBLE mum hacks everyone should know about

1. Bath time fun

Don’t pay heaps of money for an expensive baby bath seat, just use a laundry basket. Supervision is still required (obviously), but at least you don’t have to bend down the entire time.

2. Easy bottle holder

This simple bottle holding contraption is made from an old toy so bub can hold it herself.

3. Dog bed beanbag

Don’t spend money on expensive bean bags for your kids, just use a cheap dog bed! You can even take these on the plane with you.

4. Ice cube bento box

Want to separate food for your child in their lunch box? Don’t buy an expensive lunch box, just use an ice cube tray.

5. Shower caddy bottle holder

The easiest way to store bottles is by using using a shower caddy in the kitchen. Ingenious!

6. Step stool toddler table

Save money by not buying your toddler a kids’ table. Use your step stool instead.

7. Ice lolly drip catcher

All it takes to keep your child sticky-free is a cupcake case or a coffee cup lid. Genius!

8. DVD pencil case

An old DVD case, a few pieces of paper and a box of pencil crayons and you’ve got a personal colouring kit. Perfect for quiet activity time or long journeys on the road.

9. Dummy medicine dropper

Putting a medicine dropper into a pacifier makes administering medicine much less traumatic.

10. Lint roller glitter collector

Glitter all over the place? Use a lint roller to quickly pick it up.

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