10 things your children REALLY want from you

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Every year this teacher asks her students what their mums do that makes them happy. The top 10 answers are very touching.

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10 things your children REALLY want from you

Teacher shares a touching insight into what kids really want from their parents.

“Year after year, in every country I taught, and in every type of demographic, the students were saying the same things and had the same message: It’s the small things that their mothers did that meant the most and that they remembered,” writes Erin Kurt.

Ms Kurt revealed the top ten things students loved most about their mum.

10 things children love from their mums

1) Bedtime stories and snuggles
2) Private one on one chats with lots of hugs and kisses

3) Quality ALONE time without other siblings
4) Good nutritious food to help them grow healthy and strong

5) Dinner time chats about what is happening and what is coming up soon
6) Night time chats are always a favourite with kids of all ages (Find out why here!)
7) Outdoor play and activities

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8) Cuddles under a blanket while watching TV together
9) Discipline – it makes them feel like their parents really care
10) Special messages in their lunch bag

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It’s often the simply things that makes children happy.

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