Longing for a son? Here are 10 ways that may help you conceive a baby boy

Do you have a daughter already and want to balance out the gender in the house? There MAY be some ways that can help you conceive a baby boy.
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Do you have a daughter already and want to balance out the gender in the house? There MAY be some ways that can help you conceive a baby boy.

While there are many old wives’ tales out there, there may be some evidence behind a few of these suggestions.

Were you trying for a boy? Did anything work for you? Let us know.


10 ways to help you conceive a baby boy

1. Up your salt intake

An alkaline diet is said to help boost male sperm as opposed to an acidic diet, which kills them off. For an alkaline diet, try upping your sodium and potassium intake before you try to conceive.

2. Pick up weights at the gym


Ditch the cardio and try using weights instead. It’s believed losing weight (fat loss, as opposed to muscle gain) is more likely to help you conceive a girl.

3. Purchase a Kama Sutra book

Sexual positions, such as doggy style, provide deeper penetration – which is more advantageous for male sperm, as it’s faster than female sperm, but it doesn’t last as long.

4. Get your partner to drink coffee

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To help stimulate and make the male sperm more active, ask your partner to have a caffeinated drink before you try to conceive.

6. Time it well

fertility chart with a graph and a finger pointing at the ovulation

If you know when you’re ovulating try having sex no earlier than 24 hours before. This is because male sperm doesn’t last a long as female sperm but is a faster swimmer.

7. Have orgasms

Apparently, a woman’s orgasm moves sperm closer to the cervix, and male sperm is faster than female sperm.

8. Avoid hot tubs

Shower Head with Water Stream on Black Background

Male sperm is said to be adverse to heat, so skip the hot tub and hot baths before sex and opt for a shower instead.

9. Have sex in the summer

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Some people believe that the time of year you conceive will determine whether or not you have a boy or girl. It’s believe that babies conceived during the winter months result in you more likely having a girl, while babies conceived in the summer months are more likely to be a boy.

10. Take cough syrup

Some women swear by taking a dose of cough medicine before sex, as it is believed to help thin the mucus membranes in the cervix, helping the sperm get through.

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