Outnumbered! 15 things to think about if you are considering having a THIRD child

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Longing for third baby? If you already have two little ones, you may find it manageable for you and your partner to parent, but a third child often tips the balance.

You may have two daughters or two sons and want to give yourself the chance of having a child of the opposite gender – although, nothing is guaranteed and you may end up with three of the same gender.

But how different exactly will your life be with another child added to your brood? Or is three really the magic number?

Here are 15 things to consider if you are considering adding a third child to your brood…

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15 things to think about if you are considering having a THIRD child

1. Cost

This is the most important factor. The latest figures from NATSEM at the University of Canberra show that the average cost for raising a child from birth to adulthood is $406,000! This expenditure covers clothes (although you can always use hand-me-downs), food, hobbies and potentially uni fees to consider also.

2. Noise

You’ll find your household has become a lot busier and louder. But this may also be a fun thing to have a fuller table as your children get older.

3. Triple the love

With two children you will find you get twice the amount of love, the same is true when you have more children.

4. Triple the tantrums

The same can be said with arguments and tantrums though, and with more people in the household taking sides.

4. Eyes in the back of your head

With two you’ll find you can often split them up if you need to, but with three it may not be so easy. Two may take sides against one at times, and there can often be one left out.

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5. Your kids have another sibling to enjoy

If two of your children disagree over anything, the third child may act as a buffer or an ally. Or you may find your oldest doting on the younger siblings, which is cute. They also have more fun in the playground.

6. Cleaning

There will be more toys to put away and mess to mop up as well as more nappies to change. But then there will be more kids to help put their toys away.

7. Sleep

You’ll sleep A LOT less.

8. Childcare

Depending on the age gap between your children, you may have to consider whether or not your can afford to have three children in childcare. You may also struggle to find someone to look after three when you want some ‘you’ time.

9. Holidays

Many holiday companies cater for the traditional family – i.e. a family of four. You may find you have to get two hotel rooms (or opt for Air BnB).

10. Car space

Another thing to consider is, can you fit car seats in the back of your car? It’s a lot handier if you can go places without having to worry about taking another car with you.

11. Some parents say going from one to two is harder

The more children you have, the easier you may find it is for them to fit into your lifestyle – they don’t get a choice sometimes!

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12. You’ll feel more confident as a parent

Having done it twice already, you won’t find yourself worrying about all the silly little things you used to worry about with the first two.

13. Being three places at once

If your children have soccer practice, a parenting evening or a ballet show all at the same time, you may find you and your partner will have to chose which ones to go to and which one to skip – as you can’t be in three places at the same time! You could always rope in a grandparent to go to the third event.

14. Life skills

Having a sibling not only helps you learn how to share but also how to socialise and empathise. So having two siblings is even more beneficial in these areas.

15. You may find you have a few more years before you experience an ‘empty nest’

You’ll find with another baby in the house you have a few more years to cling onto of having a child in the house before they leave the nest.

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