20 traditional girl names that work just as well for a baby boy

In the era of gender-neutral everything, the tradition of naming our children based on gender seems to becoming thing of the past.

Actresses Blake Lively, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Rooney Mara all have monikers that are traditionally male names, but there are also a heap of traditional girl names that also work really well for the opposite sex too.

Here are 20 that are cute for boys too from Mummy Pages.

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19 girl names that are cute for boys too

1. Ashley

Meaning: Ash meadow.

2. Aubrey

Meaning: Power.

3. Blake

Meaning: Fair.

4. Brooke

Meaning: Purity

5. Carroll

Meaning: Warlike champion.

6. Casey

 Meaning: Proclamation of peace.

7. Cassidy

Meaning: Clever.

8. Dakota

Meaning: Friendly.

9. Harper

Meaning: Harp player.

10. Jade

Meaning: Stone of the colic.

11. Jordan

Meaning: To descend

12. Kelly

Meaning: Bright-headed.

13. Kerry

Meaning: Descendants of Car.

14. Leslie

Meaning: Garden of hollies 

15. McKenzie

Meaning: Child of the wild leader.

16. Paisley

Meaning: Church.

17. Remy

Meaning: Oar.

18. Skylar

Meaning: An island of the coast of Scotland.

19. Sascha

Meaning: Defender of mankind.

20. Willow

Meaning: Willow tree

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