3 easy ways to help create a positive mindset to achieve your goals

Are you struggling to get a positive mindset that will support you and allow you to tackle those big or even small goals you have set yourself? Try these three easy tactics to help create a positive mindset and kick those goals.
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You’ve seen the amazing results from The Healthy Mummy community; those before and after pictures have blown you away! But the problem is you’re struggling to get a positive mindset that will allow you to achieve the same amazing results.

In the face of obstacles and the pressures of daily life,  a positive mindset can give you the focus and strength to push through to achieve your weight loss goals and more importantly, live a healthier lifestyle.

If you find thinking positive or looking for the positives in your life difficult, here are some tips to get you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.   

women in swimwear on rusted pipe on beach create a postive mindset

3 simple ways to get a positive mindset that will help you achieve your goals

1) Use positive words

It can be as simple as learning and using positive words constantly. This then forces the brain to make these words as well as the meanings and emotions associated with them, more accessible, connected and quicker to be activated in the brain.

Psychologists have looked at thousands of words, measuring how positive and negative they are. Think words like laughter, happiness, love, happy, excellent or joy. 

What do you see in the mirror today? Perhaps you haven’t reached your goal yet or maybe you’re losing sight of why you started your journey. When you feel unmotivated, unfocused and ready to give up, try repeating mantras like: 

‘I can do this’ 

‘My goal is happiness’ 

‘I can fill my day with joy’

Note the use of the word ‘can’ instead of ‘will’ – you are in control of your choices.

You may feel silly at first but the more you practice the more you’ll see a positive shift in your mindset.  

2) Notice the good in life

The bad stuff in life is inevitable and thinking positive will not change that fact. However, if all you notice in life is the negative things, even when life seems to be going well, chances are you’ve trained your brain to focus on the negative by using negative words constantly.

It will be hard to retrain your brain to use positive words but it can be done. Focus on positive information in your weight loss journey and divert your attention from the negative. 

Have you lost weight this week? Maybe it’s only 500g or less but instead of feeling like a failure, look at the fact that you’ve lost weight which is the opposite to you putting on weight!

Or maybe the scales haven’t moved but you have more energy or have lost cms in measurements. Every little bit of progress not only counts as a positive but builds up to your larger weight loss goal.

Women on edge of pool holding pink umbrellas in swimwear create a positive mindset

3) Practice gratitude 

There is a myriad of things to be sad, anxious or angry about in our lives no matter who you are. There are also a lot of things to be happy, joyful and grateful about.

Gratitude is the feeling of being thankful for a person, deed or experience. Research shows that when we practice gratitude, we see an increase in meaning and satisfaction in our lives.

Looking at the Annawadi slum in Mumbai, India, researchers found that inhabitants had a greater appreciation and gratitude for what they did have whilst knowing that they didn’t have much. They also found inhabitants did not compare themselves in resentment to others who had more than them but were focused on how they might be able to achieve that for themselves. 

Whether it’s writing it down in your journal or phone or putting it up on a mood board, try to look at what you do have and how far you’ve come instead of comparing yourself to others wishing you were where they are.

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