30+ Banned words from the classroom in 2024

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One teacher’s list of prohibited words for the classroom this year has started some online debate.

Words including “Rizz”, “Bruh”, “Period!” and “Big Dawg”, have been deemed not acceptable language in the classroom.

The list titled “these words/sayings are prohibited in my classroom!” features popular slang that is common among young people on social media, and gained traction after it was posted on X by user hearts4zaniyahh.

A brief paragraph at the top of the list warns students that any use of the prohibited language will result in them having to write an essay explaining their choices.

“If you are caught using these words you will write a short essay explaining why you chose to use these words in an academic setting to express yourself.

“There are many ways to articulate what you need to say without using slang. Please know that using slang in an academic setting can diminish your capability to become a successful writer,” the note reads.

More often than not, the way you speak is the way you will write.

“The gibberish some of you choose to use is improper English and sometimes inappropriate for an academic setting.”

This is an educational institution, and you will carry yourself as scholars in my classroom.”

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32 Banned words

The list of 32 phrases and words varies from common greetings like “what’s up gang?” to lesser-known phrases like “gyat” and “skee-yee”.

  1. BRUH
  2. Standing on Business (SOB)
  3. Ooh-wee, Skee-yee
  4. Skee- yee
  5. You ate that up!
  6. That’s Cap!
  7. What’s up gang
  8. Bet!
  9. Oh my God Ms. T!
  10. On God
  11. On my Momma!
  12. On my dead (mom, dad, aunt, cousin…)
  13. Rizz
  14. What’s up G Wade
  15. In the cut with my twin
  16. Just Vibe
  17. Gyat
  18. On bro
  19. On hood
  20. Gang Gang
  21. N-gga!
  22. On me!
  23. On the set
  24. Freak you mean
  25. Period!
  26. Mun-yun
  27. Big dawg
  28. Motion and or Big Motion
  29. Just vibe twin
  30. What’s up twin
  31. Nie
  32. It’s giving

Some commenters said the teacher was just on a power trip while others totally agree with the decision to ban the slang words.

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