5 mums transformations show why results make the hard work worth it

We are loving these mums transformations! They are showing the world that all their hard work has paid off with these amazing results.
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These five Healthy Mummy’s prove to us why results make all the hard work worth it and inspire us to keep going.

Check out their amazing transformations and inspiring stories below.

results win allexe domroski

Results are worth it!

Allexe Dombroski

“This photo ^

Makes all the hard work, tears, tanties, failures, obstacles, wins, sacrifices… WORTH IT!!

To feel comfortable in my own skin! To be able to put something on THE FIRST TIME and love it!”

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Results win brooke daly

Brooke Daly

“Back to back!!

105kg > 82kg
Over 102cm gone for good!

When I first began The Healthy Mummy I never would have dreamed of posting a photo of me in my bra and undies!! Now I feel I have the self-confidence and self-love to be able to share and be proud of myself for who I am!

The Healthy Mummy has taught me to love who I am inside and out and that I am totally worth it and I can do anything I set my mind too! Thank you Healthy Mummy, Thank you.”

Results win amanda franklin

Amanda Franklin

“Pictures do say a 1000 words!

But this one screams two…… HEALTHY MUMMY

It doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to overthink things. You just have to take that first step.

I have lost over 30kg through this journey and have found a passion for fresh food, exercise and have met so many amazing supportive people I now call friends!

If you really want it ….. you can!”

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Results win jess may magill

Jessica May Magill

“Why the 28 Day Challenge? BECAUSE IT WORKS!

Because it’s breastfeeding friendly.

Because there are AMAZING support groups full of women cheering you on and supporting you.

Because you lose weight eating real food and you’re never hungry.

Because you don’t have to have a gym membership or exercise like crazy to get results.

Because the recipes are easy and BUDGET friendly.

Because the whole family will eat the same foods and probably not even notice the change.

Because it’s a sustainable lifestyle change and not a quick fix.

I’ve been a member now for almost 3 years. I’ve lost 20kgs in 6 months after baby #2. I’ve had a healthy pregnancy and lost 17kgs after baby #3. I’m now having a healthy pregnancy with baby #4 (seriously Healthy Mummy needs to come with a ‘makes you super fertile’ warning ?) and the challenge has adapted and worked for me through all these stages.

It is honestly the best thing I’ve done for myself!!

It’s not too late for you to do it too…”

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results win kerrieobrien

Kerrie O’Brien

“When I started Healthy Mummy 17 months ago I just wanted to lose a few kgs and hopefully feel more confident in summer, maybe be able to wear bathers without feeling like I wanted to hide from everyone. I wanted body confidence. Now after 17kgs lost, I am about to do a Healthy Mummy swimwear shoot in 2 weeks time, so there will be NO hiding there!

I am still in shock to be one of the lucky ladies chosen but I’m determined to overcome any fears or nerves and try and show the body confidence that comes from being a Healthy Mummy. I could never ever imagine even contemplating a photo shoot in my bathers before Healthy Mummy!!

All it took was one Sunday night clicking on that link to become a 28 Day Challenge member and the rest as they say is history. Healthy Mummy and this amazing community of women have changed my life completely and I can’t imagine not being a Healthy Mummy!

Bring on summer this year I am getting ready!

To feel like a damn GODDESS!! Is worth it!”

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