6 delicious NUT-FREE lunch box snack and meal ideas for kids

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Packing a nutritious lunch for your little one can be difficult, especially if you have a fussy eater or a child with allergies.

But there ARE ways to find healthy, yummy meals and snacks that your child will ACTUALLY eat in their lunch box – as this mama discovered.

Clare Poole, who is a member of our Healthy Mummy community, has made a host of healthy meals and snacks from the Healthy Kids Lunch Boxes Cookbook.


6 NUT-FREE lunch box snack and meal ideas for kids

“I have a fussy eater and my kids’ school is a nut-free school and so things my kids love to eat at home are big NO-NO” says Clare.
“I love how creative The Healthy Kids Lunch Box Cookbook is and that there are heaps of recipes so my kids never get bored.”

Clare’s favourite meals from the Healthy Kids Lunch Boxes Cookbook

1. Italian Sausage Pizza


Think outside the ham and pineapple square for delicious toppings that will also pack a healthy lunch. Pizzas can be a great way to use leftovers. When choosing sausages, look for ones that are as natural as possible, with minimal flavours, preservatives and colours.

2. Zesty Chocolate Bliss Balls


This delicious twist on traditional bliss balls uses prunes, which are a great source of iron. With vitamin C from the orange, these are a good immune booster too.

3. Spicy Cheese Straws in the shape of trucks

These tasty, savoury morsels are made with plain, simple ingredients and no artificial additives, so you can serve them to your kids with confidence.

Serve with some of the lovely veggie-based dips.

4. Jelly Cups


Making your own jelly is so ridiculously easy, you’ll never use a packet mix again!

5. Wobbly Wobbly Speckled Pudding


Chia seeds are an excellent plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids. They are also high in protein and fibre. Omega-3 fatty acids are wonderful for brain development.

6. Honey Rice Crispies


Only four ingredients are needed for this delicious easy to make recipe!

The Healthy Kids Lunch Boxes Cookbook


Ensuring our children’s lunch boxes are filled with healthy, easy to prepare foods that the kids will actually eat is really important.

A school lunch box can potentially make up to 30-50% of our child’s daily food intake so, we want to make them count.

Our Healthy Kids Lunch Boxes Cookbook makes preparing lunch boxes a breeze.

The recipes are quick and easy to make, offering maximum nourishment and delicious flavours that the kids will actually enjoy. Plus, many of the recipes use leftovers, to save time and money.

The ecookbook contains over 100 ideas/recipes from snacks, meals, smoothies and afternoon treats! You will never be stuck for ideas again!

Purchase yours here. 

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