6 useful time-savers for your meal prep

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They don’t have to be expensive to make a massive difference in your meal prep!

Make sure you have these six super time saving utensils to hand, they’re meal prep game changers.

Meal prepping is the key to a happier, healthier lifestyle. If you follow these tips, your pantry and kitchen will be stocked and ready to prep like a pro!

6 time saving utensils for your meal prep

1. Food processor

You don’t need to get the top of the range one – they all make dicing and slicing veggies and other ingredients a lot faster.

Save yourself  the pain of chopping everything by hand, not to mention time!

2. Blender

Bench top options or stick blenders are amazing -blitz up soups, smoothies, desserts, dips, pancake batters, and more!

No mixing, chopping or shaking involved!

3. Kettle

6 useful time-savers for your meal prep

If you need to boil pasta, rice or quinoa and blanche veggies, pre-boil the water in a kettle first and then continue to boil in a saucepan on the stovetop to save time.

4. Sharp knives

6 useful time-savers for your meal prep

Make prep even quicker by making sure your knives are sharpened and ready for slicing and dicing!

5. Clean pots and pans

6 useful time-savers for your meal prep

Clean pots, pans and utensils after every prep session so they’re ready to go fo next time.

It’s no fun (and takes extra time) if you have to start a prep session by cleaning up!

7. Storage containers


Perfect for storing prepped meals simply and effectively in the fridge and freezer. They don’t need to be expensive – just stack, and seal, really well.

Mum credits Meal Prepping for maintaining her weight AND saving her THOUSANDS!

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