8 reasons behind why you may be SWEATING so much

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Do you find you sweat a lot, even when it’s not the middle of summer? There may be a reason behind why you feel so hot and sticky.

Sweating occurs when your body is stopping itself from overheating, but some people perspire a lot more than others, here’s why…

Heat stress

The reason our body produces sweat

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If it’s a hot day or we feel too warm it can raise our body’s internal temperature and put us at risk of feeling fatigued or causing our organs to overheat. This is why we tend to sweat.

Sweat is released through glands in our skin and helps cool the body’s temperature down. This may be why you feel more tired in the sun, as your body is working harder to cool you down.

It’s important to stay hydrated if you are a sweaty person, because you will need to replenish the water you’ve lost afterwards.

Sweating itself doesn’t burn a lot of calories, but perspiring may cause you to lose water weight. However, it’s only a temporary loss.

8 reasons why you may be sweating so much

1. Exercise

5 reasons behind why you may be SWEATING so much

People who exercise more tend to perspire more because your body temperature tends to rise when you exercise. Sweat is expelled through glands and is evaporated into the area, which then causes your skin and body to cool down.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing though to sweat while you exercise. When you exercise you burn off energy – a.k.a. fat! 

2. Stress

5 reasons behind why you may be SWEATING so much

When you feel stressed, your body temperature often begins to rise. You may notice sweating under your arms. Stress is your body’s natural response to a perceived threat and it can trigger a rush of adrenaline as well as other stress hormones.

This may cause your heart rate to increase, as your body feels like it is prepared to take fight or flight.

3. Drinking alcohol

5 reasons behind why you may be SWEATING so much

Excessive sweating can occur as the result of drinking too much alcohol, as it affects the central nervous system and can also increase your heart rate and widen blood vessels in your skin.

You may also find you experience night sweats if you are withdrawing from alcohol.

4. Menopause

5 reasons behind why you may be SWEATING so much

Hot flashes or night sweats occur before and during menopause. This is due to the change of hormone levels in the body, and may cause sudden feelings of flushing or sweating.

5. Pregnancy

pregnant mum in swimming pool

During pregnancy hormone levels and blood flow increase, and this can cause the body’s temperature to rise. Your body also creates more blood, to compensate for the fact that some will be lost when you give birth.

This can cause some women to experience sweating during pregnancy and after they give birth. You should start feeling normal again once your hormones levels return to normal.

6. Eating spicy food

5 reasons behind why you may be SWEATING so much

Your body reacts to spicy food by sweating to cool you down. Certain foods may stimulate the central nervous system and trigger your adrenal glands to perspire.

7. Another medical condition

5 reasons behind why you may be SWEATING so much

Sweating may be the cause of an underlying health condition, such as diabetes, metabolic disorders such as hyperthyroidism or other infections. If you are worried you have an underlying medical condition, we advise you speak with your GP.

8. Wearing the wrong clothing

5 reasons behind why you may be SWEATING so much

If it’s hot outside, you’re more likely to feel hot and sticky. And you’re going to notice wet patches under your arms if you are wearing the wrong clothing.

Avoid dark clothing that is also tight fitting and heavy.

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