Acne Be Gone! Mums skin glowing since following The Healthy Mummy!

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Wow! Mum Elle is showcasing just how quickly her skin has been transformed by her new Healthy Mummy lifestyle, Smoothies and SKIN Products!

By following the Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and using Healthy Mummy products for just ONE MONTH, Elle’s acne has cleared and her skin is looking and feeling great! And so is she!

See Elle’s amazing results below!

Elle’s Transformation

Mum Elle from Perth has suffered from acne since she was 11 years old and has tried just about everything to overcome the common skin condition. And she should know all about treatments, working within the beauty/skin industry.

She says, “ I am a dermal (skin) therapist and work alongside a cosmetic medical doctor performing skin treatments for over 10 years. I have tried EVERYTHING, even two rounds of Roaccutane.”

Despite the oral medications, Elle proves how adjustments to diet and lifestyle and getting the right balance of nutrients,  can have a big impact on the skin.

Elle says “I see a HUGE improvement in my skin when I have a healthy diet.”

“The past month of following Healthy Mummy my skin is looking SO CLEAR!”

She has also started using the SKIN Pink Clay Mask and seen some great results.

“It makes my skin feel incredible!” says Elle.

She is so passionate about diet and skin, having suffered from the condition for so long, that she has started a degree of Nutritional Bioscience so she is able to advise on diet changes for skin concerns.

Elle says, “If you suffer from skin problems related to diet and hormones I highly recommend the Healthy Mummy and getting more goodness in your diet!

Elle’s Second Time Around with The Healthy Mummy

Even though Elle is just one month into her journey, she is no stranger to The Healthy Mummy, having been a 28 Day Challenge member for six years.

Following the birth of her first baby Louie in 2014, Elle went on to lose a whopping 25 kilo’s. Check out those results here!

Now with her second baby just four months old, she is well on her way on her second journey with the Healthy Mummy and is LOVING some of the new products that weren’t available first time around.

Elle says “I am OBSESSED with the new Healthy Mummy TUMMY powder! It is incredible, you MUST try it! It is gentle on the stomach and it has such a fine texture so no ‘gritty’ bits.”

Along with the new Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie, Elle has discovered The SKIN Beauty Collagen Powder and has found a great way to use both products at the same time!

I totally need this as beauty sleep = non-existent with my baby girl going through the 4 month sleep regression! I added the Healthy Mummy SKIN Beauty Collagen Powder to my Tummy Smoothie Powder.

It tastes great in the Raspberry Oat Smoothie!” (Recipe available on the Challenge Hub)

She adds “The whipped cream is the Tatua unsweetened whipped cream that I got from Costco. I have tracked it in my daily calories and weighed it out so I have tracked it on the Healthy Mummy app, I’m able to have a little treat and not blow out my calories.”

Elle’s AMAZING Results

Having had so much success losing 25 kilos with The Healthy Mummy the first time around, Elle knows all too well the benefits of following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and is already feeling the benefits one month in.

She’s already lost a kilo and is determined to lose 15 more by Christmas.

She says, “Mentally I’m so much more confident and energetic. Physically, I gained so much strength and fitness, and found it so much easier day to day looking after kids and moving around. I’m no longer embarrassed about being out of breath or weak.

Elle’s 3 Tips to ‘Get Started’ and ‘To Keep going!’

  • Be organised – Visualise the changes you want to see
  • Choose simple meals – Limit damage control
  • Meal prep in bulk – Be kind to yourself!

Congratulations to Elle for her results so far! We can’t wait to see what the future hold for you!

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