5 mums have lost almost 150kgs and gained their confidence

These 5 mums have transformed their body, their life and their confidence with the help of The Healthy Mummy community. Check out their amazing transformations.
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When we see the physical transformations of our Healthy Mummy community we are just bursting with love and pride but to hear about how their lives and confidence have changed as well just makes us dance with joy.

These Healthy Mummy’s have been working hard to get the results and we couldn’t be prouder.

With almost 150kgs* lost between them, these mums inspire us all

Nicola Oates transformation

Nicola Oates – “You can change your life”

“Size 20/22 — Size 10

Over 53kgs lost in 21 months with The Healthy Mummy

I am a 37-year-old mother of two children and I have just completed my first 10km fun run and I loved it! The Healthy Mummy has given me the chance to truly live my life and experience pure joy in health and fitness. Something I never would have expected 2 short years ago.

I am now setting a good example for my children (aged 4 & 5) and being a positive role model to those around me. It is possible to live a healthy life and lose weight.

You can change your life – you don’t have to be unhappy in your situation. I made a decision to take those first steps and lucky for me, The Healthy Mummy has supported me every step of the way in my journey… I am forever grateful”

Read more about Nicola’s weight loss journey.

Sharon Laurie transformation

Sharon Laurie – “Bring on the next 10kg”

“86kg —> 69kg

From a person that hated their reflection to a person that is feeling great and so proud of how far I’ve come and how much I have changed! Bring on the next 10kg!”

Amanda Franklin transformation

Carla Field – “loving how supportive this group is”

“Thanks to the combination of The Healthy Mummy smoothies and 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges I’ve lost over 15kg. I’m feeling healthier, fitter and stronger than ever before.

Absolutely loving my Healthy Mummy journey, and loving how supportive this group is.”

Read more of Carla’s weight loss journey HERE.

Mel Baker transformation

Mel Baker – “scales aren’t the best method to see your weight loss”

“I’ve been following The Healthy Mummy for a couple of months now doing the shakes and meal plans along with the exercises and I’ve literally only lost 1-2 kilo ? buttttttt I’ve lost a whole heap of cms all over my body and I feel amazing! My clothes are getting looser and I’m fitting in size 16/14 when I was nearing the size 20’s!! Just shows the scales aren’t always the best method to see your weight loss.”

Elyce Thompson side transformation


Elyce Thompson – “Unhappy & embarrassed to happy & confident”

“114kgs to 90kgs

Size 20 to size 16

Unhappy & embarrassed to happy & confident

50cms lost from my body”

Well done ladies! We can’t wait to watch your journey’s continue.

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