Mum loses 13kg and was able to fit in a dress she wanted to wear for her 40th

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Angela Freeman was able to lose an enormous 13kg after signing up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and fit into a dress she wanted to wear for her 40th birthday.

In fact, she was so determined to stick to The Healthy Mummy program and says she is now feeling better than ever before!

How this mum lost 13kg and was able to slim into a dress for her 40th

The lovely mum-of-three started her Healthy Mummy journey in May last year and says she felt so uncomfortable and unhappy with her body.

“I really wanted to be fit and healthy when I went on a cruise but that was not the case and I felt like had let myself down,” Angela says.

“I came home and then was busy with the kids so thought maybe I was being a bit too hard on myself.

“The turning point was when I was at home and still didn’t fit into my clothes (size 14, weighing close to 80kg) and I felt tired all the time and then I saw the photos from the cruise and realised that I can do better for myself.”

With Angela’s 40th birthday approaching, she was determined to fit into a size 12 dress.

What Angela did

Angela started out drinking The Healthy Mummy smoothies and began making meals from The Healthy Mummy app.

“I was drinking vanilla or chocolate, and I blitzed them up with some frozen berries or strawberries or raspberries and focussed on what I was eating,” she says.

“I used The Healthy Mummy app to find recipes to cook and our favourites are Baked Chicken Spaghetti, Beef and Sweet Potato Lasagne, Beef and Sweet Potato Curry and Lemon Chicken Veggie Bake.

“I also cooked up the snacks as well like the Pesto Sausage Rolls and Almond Meal Cake which were both delicious.”

How the Healthy Mummy app keeps Angela on track

In fact, this beautiful mum followed the 28 Days Beginner Program with Wendy.

“In the beginner I thought it was too hard but then as I did it each day, it got easier,” she says.

“I loved this program as it was not only practical, functional and I saw results, but it helped me to understand how to properly stretch out my back and take care of my body through the cooling down techniques.

“By completing the program, I had more energy every day, mentally my mind became clearer and when I saw results, I started feeling better. I then moved onto the other workouts such as the advanced program and now as I am a little time poor, I have found Wendy’s HIIT workouts great.”

What’s more, Angela reveals The Healthy Mummy app keeps me her track to make sure she is hitting her targets for the day.

“It is always important for me to reach those goals each day as I know I will sleep better at night,” she says.

Angela’s two big tips for success

1. Make sure that you are doing this for yourself and be your own cheer leader

Work on positive self talk, if you can’t exercise just to maintain your eating habits and not slip back into old ways and spend time reading, journaling and listening to podcasts.

2. Knowing the difference between your motivation and determination

Everyone is motivated by their kids or wanting to lose weight to get fit and healthy, but you need to learn to focus on just you and your own goals. Motivation can come and go but when you have a determined mind set and goals then you will always, most definitely achieve them.

“I now wear size 10 clothes and am  67 kg and love my body,” adds Angela.

“I am now focusing on toning up with some weight training. I am happy with where I am at and still determine to continue with exercising and eating right as I know by doing this I will continually learn and grow.

“I am so glad that I started on this journey and I wish everyone every success for their own journey.”

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