Expectant mums, check out these GORGEOUS baby names from the 1940s! Which one is your fave??

Old names are coming back in fashion! There's a list that has put together 40 most popular names for boys and girls born in the 1940s.
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Old names are coming back in fashion!

Mumsnet has put together 40 of the most popular names for boys and girls born in the 1940s.

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Check out the most popular baby names for girls from the 1940s:

1. Ann

Meaning: Priceless

2. Bonnie

Meaning: Pretty, charming

3. Betty

Meaning: God is satisfaction

 4. Catherine

Meaning: Innocent

5. Constance

Meaning: Firm of purpose

6. Daisy

Meaning: The day’s eye

7. Doris

Meaning: Gift

8. Etta

Meaning: Little one

9. Evelyn 

Meaning: Life

10. Edith

Meaning: Riches, blessed

11. Florence 

Meaning: Son of Gawain

12. Gladys

Meaning: Sword

13. Grace 

Meaning: Grace

14. Harriet

Meaning: Ruler of the home

15. Louisa 

Meaning: Famous warrior

16. Mabel 

Meaning: Beautiful, loveable

17. Margot 

Meaning: Pearl

18. Mae 

Meaning: Bitter

19. Rosalind 

Meaning: Beautiful, pretty rose

20. Theodora 

Meaning: God given

Check out the most popular baby names for boys from the 1940s:

1.  Alexander 

Meaning: Defender of man

2. Benjamin 

Meaning: Son of the right hand

3. Bernard 

Meaning: Strong as bear

4. Cecil 

Meaning: Blind

5. Charles 

Meaning: Manly

6. Clement 

Meaning: Gentle

7. Daniel 

Meaning: Judgment of God

8. Douglas 

Meaning: Dweller of the dark stream

9. Edmund 

Meaning: Prosperous protector

10. Edward 

Meaning: Guardian

11. Ernest 

Meaning: Serious, determined

12. Earl

Meaning: Chief

13. Eric 

Meaning: Eternal ruler

14. Geoffrey 

Meaning: God’s peace

15. Gerald 

Meaning: Spear strength

 16. Howard 

Meaning: Defender

17. Kenneth 

Meaning: Handsome

18. Laurence 

Meaning: From the place of the laurel leaves

19. Robert 

Meaning: Famed, bright

20. Timothy 

Meaning: God’s honour

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