Baby names from 1919 set to make a comeback in 2019

There are so many unique monikers out there these days that it’s easy to overlook some of the traditional baby names.

Nameberry has predicted that names that were once popular in 1919 will make a reappearance in 2019, in what they call the hundred-year rule of names being recycled.

“At the beginning of each new year, we like to take a century-long look back hoping to discover some lost names that could be perfect for today,” states the article on the website.

“And this year, we’ve found some particularly promising word names for boys, and nickname names for both genders.”

Old fashioned vintage baby names

Baby names from 1919 are set to make a comeback in 2019

In 1919, the First World War was over and in the U.S. Prohibition went into effect. Singer Nat King Cole as well as actress Eva Gabor were born and U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt passed away.

Rights for women were coming into effect and literary works by Virginia Woolf and Thomas Hardy were popular.

The baby naming website has revealed its predictions for the most promising names in 2019 – many inspired from 1919.

Vintage baby names that really should be making a comeback

Girls names predicted to be huge in 2019

1. Betty

2. Effie

3. Flossie

4. Kitty

5. Libby

6. Lottie

7. Lulu

8. Mamie

9. Mazie

10. Minnie

11. Nellie

12. Polly

13. Sally

14. Tillie

15. Winnie

Baby names

Other girls’ names:

1. Agatha

2. Alta

3. Antonia

4. Augusta

5. Celestine

6. Cleo

7. Consuelo

8. Cordelia

9. Dixie

10. Edwina

11. Etta

12. Eulalia

13. Garnet

14. Geneva

15. Georgiana

16. Ida

17. Lavinia

18. Leila

19. Leonora

20. Lucinda

21. Marvel

22. Maude

23. Millicent

24. Myrtle

25. Odessa

26. Ouida

27. Philomena

28. Prudence

29. Rosamond

30. Theodora

31. Verona

32. Viva

33. Winnifred

34. Zella

35. Zenobia

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Popular boys’ names for 2019

1. Archie

2. Freddie

3. Fritz

4. Ike

5. Ned

6. Ollie

7. Pete

8. Rollie

9. Teddy

100+ baby names that parents didn't pick last year

Word names

10. Booker

11. Early

12. Garland

13. Loyal

14. Noble

15. Sylvan

16. Urban

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Other popular boys’ names:

1. Abner

2. Ambrose

3. Angus

4. Burl

5. Casper

6. Chester

7. Claude

8. Clemens

9. Clovis

10. Constantine

11. Cornelius

12. Dewey

13. Dorsey

14. Doyle

15. Florian

16. Floyd

17. Gardner

18. Grover

19. Hiram

20. Jennings

21. Leander

22. Lemuel

23. Llewellyn

24. Metro

25. Murphy

26. Olaf

27. Percy

28. Perry

29. Reno

30. Rogers

31. Roscoe

32. Rufus

33. Smith

34. Turner

35. Virgil


If you like old-fashioned baby names, then check out this vintage list of monikers

Meanwhile, here are 50 names that are also making a comeback

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