6 of the best sex positions to help you lose fat

Discover a passionate twist to fitness with our guide on 6 exhilarating sex positions that not only ignite desire but also contribute to your weight-loss journey. Spice up your routine today!
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Feeling the weight of uninspiring workouts and struggling to find the drive to shed those extra pounds? The same old exercise routines leaving you feeling stuck?

Imagine the monotony of endless hours on the treadmill, counting reps at the weight bench, and the frustration of hitting fitness plateaus. Boredom sets in, and the struggle to stay consistent becomes real. It’s time to break free from the emotional and physical toll of traditional workouts.

Enter our comprehensive guide to weight-loss boosting sex positions! This isn’t just about intimacy; it’s a fitness revolution. We’ve curated a list of the best sex positions that not only spark passion but also help you burn calories and reach your weight-loss goals. Each position targets key muscle groups, making your workouts enjoyable, effective, and far from ordinary.

Elevate Your Fitness: Unleashing Passionate Weight-Loss Solutions in the Bedroom

Say farewell to tedious routines and hello to a healthier, more exciting approach. Rediscover the joy in your workouts, reignite the spark in your relationship, and embark on a journey to a happier, healthier you. Discover the best sex positions to help you lose weight and make your fitness routine an unforgettable adventure!

We’ve previously talked about how sex can burn calories and exactly how many calories can be burnt, so why not get into talking about which positions.

Yes, that’s right, certain sex positions can burn more calories than others while maximising the blasting of belly fat!

It’s not only the position that effects how much belly fat you burn, but it’s also about how vigorous you are doing it, and how long you are doing it for.

So, the more energy you put in, the more belly fat will be blasted. Let’s get going!

Hands of female and male lying on bed

The 6 most energy-consuming sex positions to lose belly fat

This information has been adapted from Instant Knockout.

1. Standing

When in this standing position you have to work twice as hard as you would if lying down. Bracing your core to support your own weight is a workout in itself. You’ll be moving many muscles especially your calves and glutes! Hello peach bum.

2. Missionary position

Although this one might be associated with a less adventurous love life, missionary is a great calorie burner. It works the glutes, inner thighs and core muscles and dependant on the exact position you adopt, can also work your arms too.

3. Cowgirl

If you want to maximise calorie burn and target your inner thighs, glutes and abs the cowgirl is the way forward. And throw in quads and hamstrings too if you decide to use a ‘squat variation’ position.

You could even approach it in ‘interval’ training if you wanted to. 1, 2, 3, go!

4. Doggy style

In this primal position, your partner will get a great workout for his glutes and core, whilst for you, it’s especially tough on the triceps, chest, core and legs! All in all, it’s a great position for racking up that calorie expenditure.

5. Scissors

In this position both partners lie on their sides, facing each other. Each person extends one leg while the other leg is bent at the knee. The legs intertwine in a scissor-like motion.

This position engages the inner thigh muscles and requires core stability.

6. Lotus

This position requires balance and engages the core muscles. The woman sits on the man’s lap, wrapping her legs around his waist.

The man supports the woman’s back, and both partners embrace. It can be an intimate and connected position for couples.

As with any physical activity, it’s important to prioritise communication, consent, and comfort with your partner. While these positions may provide a bit of fun and physical activity, they are not a replacement for a comprehensive fitness routine and a balanced diet when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Always consider individual preferences, comfort levels, and any potential physical limitations. If you have specific health concerns or questions, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional.

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