WIN A Bella Beat Leaf Urban – Inspiring Mums Lose 158kg

THIS COMPETITION HAS NOW CLOSED.  Congratulations to the winner Amy Droste.

It’s Only 6 Weeks till Summer!!

To help you reach your SUMMER HEALTH & FITNESS goals we are giving you the opportunity to WIN  A Bella Beat Leaf Urban!!

Your health is your most precious asset and Bella Beat Leaf Urban’s activity, sleep, and period tracking along with guided meditation exercise and stress awareness feature will help you understand your body, take control of your health.

To WIN, check out the AMAZING results below from the mums in our PRIVATE SUPPORT GROUP (you can join the group here) and then tell us, in 25 words or less, who inspires you most.

The competition will close on SUNDAY 23 October and the winner will be chosen on Monday 24 October.

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We are so proud of every single one of these 7 inspirational mums from our Healthy Mummy community.

They have all smashed their weight loss goal, losing a HUGE total of 158kg between them.

1.Tawhai Duffy

Tawhai Duffy weight loss FBF

Tawhai says: “I started using the Healthy Mummy smoothies and signed up for the 28 Day weigh loss Challenges just over 2 years ago now. It was the best thing I could’ve done for myself and my family. I lost 52kgs in around 18 months and gained so much fitness.” 

2. Elle Temple

Elle Temple weight loss FBF

Elle says: “83.6kg to 58.6kg in 16 months!

I used to spend hours getting ready to go anywhere, deciding what to wear and feeling UNCOMFORTABLE because I was constantly having to change outfits unhappy with how I looked or felt , every day in my body I wished I could lose weight so that I didn’t have to go through this painful process. I now have the amazing ability to go into clothes shops and know that most clothes won’t make me look or feel big and with whatever I do choose to wear I 90% of the time I feel confident in my body – something I never thought I’d be able to do when I’ve been overweight since my teenage years. 

When I started my Healthy Mummy journey, I was 100% ready to achieve my goals, I KNEW I was SO TIRED of being unhappy with my weight and it was time for change, change isn’t easy- especially to begin with! BUT IT IS WORTH IT!

I have lost a whopping 25kg, and it has been a journey, with ups and downs. When I lost my ‘excuses’ I found my results! I started the plans during a very stressful time but I chose not to throw a pity party, I chose to focus my energy and thoughts to my health for the sake of my son, in a positive way to make me STRONG! It was definitely not an overnight click of the fingers and the weight is gone. It has been 16 months of meal planning, making healthy choices, being prepared, being focused and BEING DETERMINED! 

The Healthy Mummy is not a fad diet but has taught me how to safely lose weight and the tools and knowledge to keep it off. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO CHANGE! Leave your excuses behind!

3. Samara Syed

Samara Syed weight loss FBF

Samara says: “This flashback Friday is a little different for me. When I used to look at people’s progress photos, my head would try to tell me that the results should come almost instantly. This is to show you that it takes time. I didn’t go from 1 to 6 instantly. There are all these other photos in between!! Slowly but surely I am getting closer and closer to my ultimate goal body!!

I still have off days, I still have down days. I still have dimples in my butt!! But I’m more confident and happy than ever before.

If you haven’t joined up to the 28 day weight loss challenge yet, this is your sign! This is what you’ve been waiting for! Do it! You won’t regret it

4. Chloe Rizzi

Chloe Rizzi weight loss FBF

Chloe says: “33kgs and over 130cms lost and a whole bunch of confidence gained, especially when your partner tells you that you look ‘hot’ when you get home from the beach!  I have loved every minute of my Healthy Mummy journey! 

Not only have I learn’t so much about leading a healthy lifestyle for my family and I…I have learn’t to start loving myself and embracing my body. I love that I feel happy when I put my bathers on now even if I still have another 12kgs I want to lose. 

I love that I can just enjoy the beach with my kids this last week and not be thinking about what everyone is else thinking about how I look in my bathers…I’m just enjoying being happy with my kids and I’m in the moment and for that I am forever grateful!! 

5. Stephanie Marriott

Stephanie Marriott weight loss FBF

Stephanie says: “6 months after the birth of my first baby I didn’t think I was overweight, I thought those red size 16 jeans were labelled incorrectly! 10 months post baby number 3, I’m now a comfortable size 8, and I’m going to rock that navy dress at a wedding next weekend.”

6. Lauren Da SilvaLauren Da Silva weight loss FBF

Lauren says: “I just took these bikini pics and did a comparison, these Healthy Mummy results still blow my mind every single day!!  16 months following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and drinking Healthy Mummy Smoothies, no gym, just home workouts, and these are my results!!!! No gimmicks, no fad, no starving, no depriving!  Just fueling my body each and every day with amazing food from the challenge!   No wonder I live and breathe this company!”

7. Rae Willingham

Rae Willingham weight loss FBF

Rae says: “PROUD doesn’t even really cut it. Hard work, commitment and a whole lot of help from the Healthy Mummy.

I am a new woman. Inside and out.  There is no doubt in my mind that without the Healthy Mummy, I wouldn’t have achieved my almost bikini body. I’ve had three kids and this will be the first year I will have EVER worn a bikini on a public beach. I have never in my life had a body that I am proud of, until now.

If you have been thinking of joining the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge but just get stuck at that click to sign up button, don’t.  Get a taste of what body confident feels like. It’s better than any Coles Mudcake could ever wish to be xx”

These mums all had one thing in common to help them achieve such amazing weight loss results and that was the Healthy Mummy 28 day weight loss challenges.  If you want to lose weight and feel amazing too, then don’t hesitate to sign up.


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