Crimes against toddlers: The top things that ruin your toddlers life caused by you

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Have you ruined your toddler’s life at some point?

Read: if you’ve asked them to put their shoes on, told them no they cannot touch the burning oven, or god forbid you cut their bread 1mm too thick, then the answer is YES, you have committed the crime.

We heard your mum crimes and these are too funny not to share!

Tell-tale Signs Your Toddler Has Hit The Terrible Twos

How do you stack up against these ‘bad’ mums?

Eloise Vines: “I shut the car door behind him and of course he wanted to do it. I ruined the day, and he was VERY angry at me. Crossed arms, stamping feet and all.”

Emma Lancaster: Mr 3 at the time had a meltdown because I cut his sandwich into triangles like he asked. Apparently that is wrong, sandwiches need to be cut into squares.”

Corie Critchlow: “I told him he wasn’t old enough to shave.”

Brooke Jones: “We had a 20 minute long tantrum this morning because I asked miss 3 to go to the toilet.”


“One child likes triangles and one likes squares when it comes to sandwiches. If I forget and just cut them both the same it will cause which ever child that got the wrong shape to go on a hunger strike until the correct shape is in front of them.”

Hayley Smith: “If there is even a little bit of butter on the knife or if someone has left a bit of butter in the Vegemite and he can taste it.”

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