Denim shorts and Post-it-notes motivated 2 mums to lose 50kg.

Two healthy mummies share how a pair of denim shorts and some post-it-notes helped keep them motivated to lose a whopping 50kgs.
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Healthy mummies Nikki O’Brien and Holly Ogden share how denim shorts and post-it-notes are playing an important role in helping them reach their goal weight.

Together they have already lost 50kg. Want to know more? Read on to see their dramatic transformations.


Weight loss motivation comes in many different forms but if you can keep you reason ‘why’ at the forefront of your mind or in front of you, it will be much easier to stay on track.

Many mums find motivation boards help to keep them focused on their goals. Read How to Create a Motivation Board in 7 Easy Steps.

Nikki Myles motivation board

For others, it can be a piece of clothing that represents something they are looking forward too. A bikini for that upcoming vacation, a wedding dress for upcoming nuptials.

Read This mum never thought she’d wear a bikini in public, but she has after losing almost 20kg! and Crystle’s 50kg* pre-wedding weight loss and sexy new wardrobe.

For mums Nikki and Holly their ongoing motivation has come from a pair of denim shorts and post-it-notes.

Mum Nikki – motivated by denim shorts


Nikki says “12 months ago I bought these size 16 shorts thinking I wouldn’t be too far off fitting into them. When I got home and put them on I burst into tears! 

I had already lost 10kg and although everyone else could see it, I couldn’t as I was still so unhappy with my weight.”

But not deterred and with tears streaming down her face, Nikki vowed that in the next 12 months she would fit into them. And that she did – with room to spare!

Nikki’s Results  – 20Kg weight loss

She says “I have been scared to try the shorts on to be honest…. but today I plucked up the courage and check it out!

Not only do they do up, I can literally fit my whole arm into each leg WITH my leg! 

In 18 months I have lost 20kg and now it’s time to tone and strengthen and I AM PUMPED!!

It looks like I am going to have to go shopping for smaller denim shorts for Summer!

The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has given me back my health as well as my confidence!

Join me on the challenge now because if I can do it SO CAN YOU!”

Holly Ogden – motivated by post-it-notes

Holly first started following the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges in 2014 after she had her first son.

“I weighed myself 6 months after starting and weighed in at 110kg. I have had 2 other kids #2 in 2015 and #3 was October last year.”

Her initial motivation for losing weight came after she saw a photo of herself standing next to her twin sister. She felt her sister looked amazing and was ashamed at how she had let herself go.

“My sister looked amazing and I noticed I was wearing a loose top to hide my belly”.

While the photo was what spurred Holly on to lose weight it has been Post-it-notes that has kept her motivated.  She writes on them regularly reminding herself why she is losing weight and why she is doing this for her family.

How Holly is losing weight

Coconut Smoothie

“Initially, I started off having 1 Healthy Mummy smoothie a day and now I am a two smoothie a day girl.”

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Top left picture – “the realisation I had started to get bigger as my twin sister was looking amazing and I wore loose tops to hide my belly”.
Top right – “when hubby and I bit the bullet and decided we needed to change”
Bottom left – “3.5 yrs since joining The Healthy Mummy and a few weeks post baby #3. Almost back to the same size as my twin sister”.
Bottom right – “30kg lost and heaps of cms”

Holly’s Results – 20kg weight loss

“I’ve currently lost 30kg (the combined weight of Mr 3 and miss 10 months).”

Holly’s goal is to lose another 10kgs.

“Although my Healthy Mummy journey has been long, it has been so rewarding. Not just with losing 30kgs but my overall health is so much better. And I have learnt to raise my kids healthier too.

Don’t give up if you aren’t seeing progress straight away. You will thank yourself down the track”. 

The Healthy Mummy team would like to thank Nikki and Holly for sharing their source of motivation with us. We have no doubt they will reach their goal weight in no time!

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