Real mums who lost over 100kg take part in UPLIFTING photoshoot for new skincare range

5 REAL MUMS who have achieved BIG weight loss results participate in a STUNNING underwear shoot for the launch of the new Healthy Mummy 'SKIN' beauty range.
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The Healthy Mummy founder Rhian Allen recently invited 5 REAL MUMS who have achieved BIG weight loss results to participate in an UPLIFTING photoshoot for the launch of the brand new Healthy Mummy ‘SKIN’ beauty range.

These 5 mums have together lost 109kg and improved their mental and physical health by following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges, and enjoying the delicious Healthy Mummy Smoothies, free recipes and nutritional supplements.

They share their weight loss stories below and how The Healthy Mummy program has forever impacted their lives.

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Beauty products designed specifically for ‘mums’

At The Healthy Mummy, we are all about empowering mums to live their best and healthiest lives. So it made perfect sense for us to feature ‘real mums’ who are living their best and healthiest lives to participate in an uplifting pampering day and photoshoot for the launch of our Australian Pink Clay Mask. The first product in our SKIN beauty range.

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Understanding that the demands of motherhood can come out on your skin, we designed the SKIN beauty range especially for mums. To put the health and vitality BACK into a busy mums skin!

And what better choice of mums to pamper, than our very own Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge mums.

These five mums radiate BEAUTY from the inside and out and we can’t thank them enough for being part of our most exciting product launch to date.

We introduce you to our beautiful, healthy, inspiring mums below.

Real mums achieving real results


Mum-of-two Caren has lost 14kg and has been maintaining her pre-pregnancy weight for 2.5 years

When Caren Raynolds started The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges back in 2013 she weighed 76kg and had one child.

She now has two children and is back to her pre-baby weight of 62kg – successfully maintaining her weight loss for 2.5 years!

She says “I joined The Healthy Mummy because I was feeling frustrated. For four months after having my first child I nearly killed myself working out and eating a very low-calorie diet and I still could not figure out why I wasn’t able to lose the last 15kg.

The Healthy Mummy program offered me the knowledge and support to be able to break through that plateau and turn my health and life around.”

Caren’s weight loss with The Healthy Mummy was slow and steady. At the start of her Healthy Mummy journey, she says “I was breastfeeding and had really high milk production hormones so losing weight was a slow and steady process for me”.

After getting back down to her pre-baby weight of 62kg in January 2015 she fell pregnant again with her second child.

By continuing with The Healthy Mummy program Caren gained only 10kg (including the baby) during her second pregnancy and lost all of that weight within 6 months after having her baby.

Caren says “I’ve been maintaining my pre-baby weight of around 62/63kg for about two and a half years”.

28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member since the beginning of the program, today she incorporates a wide range of Healthy Mummy products into her diet.

supergreens flat lay

Caren says “I start my day with a glass of Super Greens and a Healthy Mummy Smoothie. I always keep a Healthy Mummy snack bar in my handbag and use Immune when I’m feeling run down”. Sensitive to dairy she will occasionally have a Whey Protein drink.

“I’ve found a love and passion for health and fitness”

This mum’s life has completely changed since she joined The Healthy Mummy program. She says “Before The Healthy Mummy I led a very sedentary life and worked a legal office job. Since joining The Healthy Mummy program I found a love and passion for health and fitness.

In August 2015 Caren quit her legal job and became a Healthy Mummy Consultant so she could share her Healthy Mummy love with the world!


She says “In 2015 I also started running (and completed City to Surf and a half Marathon 2017). The Healthy Mummy has given me the confidence and fitness to return to competitive figure skating, start pole fitness and I am now half way through my Certificate 4 in fitness to become a Personal Trainer!”.

Way to go Caren!


Zoe lost a MASSIVE 27kg in just 8 months and loves how her children have reacted

Mum Zoe Brookes has lost 27kg (from 88kg to 61kg) since joining The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges in March 2018.

Refreshing Detox Salad

She says “I joined because I was at my girlfriend’s house and she had made a salad from The Healthy Mummy recipes and it was AMAZING! I thought I can do this! 

39-year-old mum Zoe uses a wide variety of The Healthy Mummy products including the smoothies, Super greens, protein powder, metabolism boosting tablets, and recipe books. She says “there isn’t anything I wouldn’t try.”

Healthy Mummy App feature

An avid user of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App she says “I now realise how much easier it is losing weight with it! Having the App to guide me and help me with planning has been a life saver!”

“I love that my children are living a healthy life too”

Since joining The Healthy Mummy Challenges Zoe says “I have become confident and comfortable in my own skin again, yet the biggest change is the change in my family.  Like seeing my child wanting to eat healthily and exercise. My 4-year-old does better push ups than me now! I love that they are living this life too – it’s really important to me”.

The Healthy Mummy_Skin Campaign-960p-_3655

Raisha lost 25kg and is changing careers to help other mums to live their best lives

Raisha joined The Healthy Mummy Challenges after doing a $1 month’s trial and says “I am loving every second of it! I love the sense of community and the support we all give each other”.

She has lost 25kg all up. She says “Some on my own before joining The Healthy Mummy and some since Jan 2018. 

My weight is coming off slowly: I’m 41 and still breastfeeding my toddler”.

Raisha wishes she has found out about The Healthy Mummy program earlier. She says “I found out about The Healthy Mummy through friends. I wish it had been around when I had my first son, who’s now 12. My weight loss journey would have started years earlier!

“I use Supergreens, Immune, Tummy, Smoothies (which are breastfeeding friendly) in every flavour! Protein ball mixes, protein powders and resistance bands. Duffle bag, tote bags, striped bags, shakers, big water bottles, leggings, singlets – you name it I’ve got it!” Check out The Healthy Mummy active range merchandise here.

Every day Raisha refers to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App for meal plans, recipes and exercises to help keep her on track with her weight loss.

“I want to help other mums become the best they can be”

Since joining The Healthy Mummy Raisha says “I have found not only my own personal strength and self-love, but love for others on this journey and I want to support them as best I can”.

Raisha is now determined to help other mums become the best they can be – for themselves, their families and especially their children.

So much so, that her interest in health and nutrition has led her to enrol in a Graduate Diploma of Human Nutrition through Deakin University, which she will follow up with a Masters program.

Well done Raisha!


Robyn lost 28kg and regained normal blood pressure without medication 

30-year-old Robyn Jurd has lost 28kg (from 95.7 to 67.7kg) in 10 months with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and has been maintaining her weight loss for just over 2 years.

Before discovering the Healthy Mummy Robyn was on medication for high blood pressure.

She says “I started at 95.7kg after my second child but in reality probably heavier as I avoided scales. I now weigh 67/68kg.

A few friends recommend that I do The Healthy Mummy Challenge and I knew I needed to do something about my weight”.

As well as the 28 Day Challenge meal plans and exercises, Robyn incorporates The Healthy Mummy smoothies, protein powder, snack bars and super greens into her diet.

She finds the Challenge App particularly useful as she has everything she needs in her pocket and is able to watch the workout videos on the App when she is at the gym.

Robyn has lost 28kg in 10 months and has been maintaining the weight loss for just over two years.

In addition, her blood pressure has returned to normal and no need for medication.

applying mask

“My biggest change is that I believe in myself”

Since joining The Healthy Mummy, Robyn is happier, healthier and the fittest she has ever been!

“I found a love of running and push myself to reach my goals. The biggest change is that I believe in myself”.

Great work. Keep striving for those goals Robyn! PS we know your face will be glowing after that pink clay mask!


Ashley lost 15kg in 9 months and says The Healthy Mummy has helped her feel confident

26-year-old Ashley Crane has lost 15kg in 9 months (from 70kg to 55kg) following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

She says “I joined The Healthy Mummy because of all the support to live a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to kick all my bad habits and live a healthy mummy life”.

Ashley uses the Challenge App every day to keep on track with her progress and meal plans as well as her exercise.  She says “I pretty much use every Healthy Mummy product there is: smoothies, protein powder, resistance bands”.

“The Healthy Mummy Program has helped my whole family give up processed, packaged food”

So happy with her results and new healthy lifestyle, Ashely says “The Healthy Mummy has changed my life in so many ways! It has helped my whole family give up processed, packaged foods.

It has helped me lose weight and feel confident again and it has helped me get support to live the healthiest life I can!”

Great work Ashley. You definitely deserve to be pampered.

The Healthy Mummy team would like to extend a huge congratulations and thank you to all five mums who participated in our photoshoot.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

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