“I’m just in a happier mood all the time!” says mum who’s lost over 10 kilos in 3 months

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Having a baby in lockdown this year and having to be separated from her two other children took its toll on Tayla which and led to emotional eating and weight gain.

Unhappy with how she looked and felt, Tayla took advantage of one of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Lifetime offers and joined, and she has not looked back.

In three short months, she has lost over 10 kilos and is feeling on top of the world.

“It was honestly the best decision I’ve made, and honestly, I am just in a happier mood all the time.”

See Tayla’s incredible results below

Tayla’s Weight Loss Journey

Tayla Dehne Donaczy is 28 years old from Swan Hill in Victora. She has three children aged 10, 3 and a 6 months old baby.

Not only did baby number three come along in the middle of lockdown, but he also came 6 weeks early! This meant Tayla had to have him in a different town and was away from her two other children for 2 weeks, the longest she’d ever been away from them.

“Having him during lockdown this year was super tough. Mentally it was super challenging and I guess emotional eating came into factor. I was the biggest I’ve ever been, super unfit and unhappy with how I looked and felt.”

Tayla had been a Healthy Mummy four years ago but admits to not being fully dedicated.

“This time around I saw the amazing specials and discounts you guys had and decided well if that’s not a sign then I don’t know what is.

“It was honestly the best decision I’ve made and I just feel 100% more dedicated this time round”

Tayla’s weight Loss results – 10 kilos in 3 months

“In 3 months I have lost 10.1kgs just from following the meal plans and workouts, kicking soft drink and takeaway for good.

Some health benefits I’ve found is 100% my energy increase, my skin is amazing, I used to suffer from chronic migraines and I reckon I’ve only had maybe two since I’ve kicked the soft drink.

“And honestly, I am just in a happier mood all the time”

How she did it!

Tayla starts her day with a mood-boosting Healthy Mummy Smoothie every morning.

“I use the Vanilla tummy powder or the Vanilla smoothie mix. It’s my absolute favourite!


‘My snacks vary from Coconut choc brownies, Cookie dough bars, Weetbix slice all from the app!’

Taylas’ favouite Healthy Mummy meals

“I like to keep things simple so some days I have leftovers for lunch or a meat and salad wrap from the app. The Creamy bacon and mushroom ravoili is my absolute favourite meal, and probably the naked parmas as well!”

Workouts in the App

“At the moment I am absolutely loving the Tabata exercises or the HIIT workouts, I just find them easier to squeeze in between school drop offs or while tea is cooking etc”.

Tayla’s three tips for success

  1. Get up early and do your workouts before the kids get up
  2. Making 1 or 2 different snacks a week makes your life so much easier if they are ready to go in the fridge
  3. Fix your pantry up before you start, every week swap your flour to wholemeal, then grab a jar of coconut oil, grab a heap of different spices, set yourself up so you can click on a recipe and have the ingredients already there ready to go.

Tayla also has some great advice for others who are trying to lose weight.

“When you say you want to lose weight, actually believe in yourself. Set small goals and tick them off as you go. Even if the scales don’t move or you gain some grams 3 weeks in a row, just keep going. The weight didn’t come on quickly so it won’t quickly come off.  This is definitely a lifestyle change, not a diet.”

Wise words Tayla! Thank you for sharing your amazing results with us.

Emotional Eating: The what, the why and tips to help fight it

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