36 absolutely stunning Hawaiian baby names and their meaning

Looking for a name? Then you must check out this list of stunning Hawaiian baby names.
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Looking for inspiration for a special baby name for your little one? Then why not check out this list of stunning Hawaiian baby names.

Many of them are very exotic and beautiful in nature – just like the islands, language and culture they come from.

Do you have a fave moniker on the list?

Hawaiian baby names for girls

1. Alana

Meaning: An offering

2. Anela

Meaning: Angel of the sky

3. Halia

Meaning: Remembrance of a loved one

4. Kaia

Meaning: The sea

5. Kailani

Meaning: Beach and sky

6. Kali

Meaning: Rosebud

7. Kiana

Meaning: Moon baby

8. Lana

Meaning: Light, floating

9. Leia

Meaning: Lioness

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10. Leilani

Meaning: Heavenly woman

11. Luanna

Meaning: Enjoyment

12. Malia

Meaning: Peaceful

13. Miliani

Meaning: Gentle

14. Moana

Meaning: From the ocean

15. Naia

Meaning: Dolphin, to flow

16. Oliana

Meaning: Joyous

17. Palila

Meaning: Little bird

18. Pua

Meaning: Flower

Hawaiian baby names for boys

1. Ahe

Meaning: Gentle breeze

2. Anakoni

Meaning: Valuable

3. Kahiau

Meaning: Extremely generous

4. Kai

Meaning: From the sea

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5. Kaipo

Meaning: Darling

6. Keanu

Meaning: Cool breeze over the mountains

7. Kale

Meaning: Strong and manly

8. Kaleo

Meaning: One voice

9. Konane

Meaning: Shinning moonlight

10. Lokela

Meaning: Legendary warrior

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11. Luano

Meaning: Enjoyment

12. Maleko

Meaning: Of Mars, warrior

13. Makini

Meaning: The wind

14. Mano

Meaning: Shark

15. Maui

Meaning: Maui islands

16. Pika

Meaning: Rocks

17. Tamatoa

Meaning: Male children

18. Tui

Meaning: Moon spirit

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