Don’t get spooked! Here’s how to stick to a healthy eating plan around Halloween

Halloween doesn't have to be scary when you're trying to lose weight! Creating a healthy eating plan around the holiday will help you feel more confident. Instead of freaking yourself out, follow these handy tips.
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Halloween doesn’t have to be scary when you’re trying to lose weight!

Creating a healthy eating plan around the day will help you feel more confident to get through a time of great temptation.

Instead of freaking yourself out and falling out of your healthy eating plan, follow these handy tips.

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Halloween is lots of fun – And lots of sugar

Halloween is a fun time to get dressed up, let your hair down and ultimately something fun for your kids to do with their friends and family.

It also brings with it a lot of sugar. Unfortunately, this is something that comes with the celebration and can’t be avoided, however, it can be controlled by you.

There are a number of ways you can make this Halloween a healthy one and still join in on the fun.

Swapping unhealthy sugary Halloween treats to healthy alternatives is one way you can incorporate your healthy eating plan into the day. 

Small tricks like staying hydrated will keep temptation at bay.

Tempted to give in to the sweets your kids bring home?

child lolly jar

If your child is known for coming home with 1,000 sweet treats in their pumpkin, this tip is for you.

There will be temptation. Kids eat a few and then they get bored and they’re onto the next activity, leaving the treats right at your fingertips.

What you do here is how you can grow and realise that a healthy eating plan is a lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with having something that you truly feel like.

If you feel like having three candies and you really taste, chew and enjoy it when you’re eating them, that is a part of life.

If you consume them at a record speed, with no thought involved of what you’re eating, this is unconscious eating which leads to binging and overeating.

So, when you are feeling tempted, ask yourself, “do I REALLY want this? or do I just want it because it’s there?” and then act accordingly.

Here are 9 ways to stick to your healthy eating plan around Halloween

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1. Decide beforehand that you will not give in

It might sound weird, but, it works! Making a commitment with yourself of whether or not you will be eating some treats or not, will hold you accountable and make sure last minute ‘give ins’ don’t occur.

Plus making this commitment to yourself will help you stay on track and stick to your healthy eating plan.

2. Prepare Halloween-themed healthy food for you and your family

There are so many ways you can make Halloween treats healthy for not only yourself but your family too.

Check out how you can make Healthy Mummy recipes into cool Halloween-themed treats like our beloved Peanut Bubble Crunch, made into monster eyes!

See these healthy treats to make for your little ones this Halloween.

3. Ask your family to help you

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Just utter the words ‘Halloween treats’ and your kids will come running to the kitchen and will be sure to want to join in on the cooking.

Getting the kids involved will not only allow you all to spend more quality time together but to educate them on healthy eating.

They can learn what ingredients are good for them and why and make them want to actually eat the ‘treats’ because they made them.

4. Join a mums community

By having support, not only from your family but like-minded mums, you can support each other to stay healthy during Halloween.

The Healthy Mummy Community has a HUGE (over 1.5 million) Facebook community waiting for you to join in.

Whether you’re a new mum, pregnant, love to cook or are looking for support, The Healthy Mummy Private Support Groups cater to all!

Plus when you are a part of a supportive community who are on a similar journey as you can pick their brain for tips on how to stick to your healthy meal plan, or how to make healthy Halloween snacks.

5. Eat before trick or treating with your kids

family dinner time

Eating a meal from your healthy eating plan BEFORE you take your kids out to go trick or treating will make it less likely for you to feel out of control with eating the sugary treats.

Choose something nutritious and something that will satisfy you, it may be a main meal or maybe it’s a healthy treat so you feel like you’re not missing out completely!

Try this 4 Ingredient Rocky Road!

6. Keep a healthy snack with you

Why not do a meal prep a few days ahead so you are prepared for any situation, from a Halloween party to trick or treating, to the kids going to bed and leaving all their treats out.

If you have a healthy snack with you, you’ll be less tempted to eat not so healthy treats and more likely to stick to your healthy meal plan.

Try something like these Peanut Banana Oat Cookies which are 172 calories and packed with goodness (they’re also easily accessible and travel-safe!).

7. Stay hydrated

Drinking water on a daily basis is a great habit to form, and especially around times like Halloween.

It will make you feel more full, and you won’t mistake feeling hungry for feeling thirsty, which is very common. If you struggle to keep your water intake up, try infusing it with fruit!

8. Consider giving toys instead of candy

There’s no reason other than commercial ones that Halloween is surrounded by sugary treats.

Make your own Halloween rules and encourage your kids to be more active by giving them toys to play with instead of sitting down and consuming sugar.

This will help you stick to your healthy meal plans too!

9. Celebrate! Give yourself a break

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Lastly, don’t be so hard on yourself! Remember, depriving yourself of certain foods leads to overeating. If you feel like you really want a sweet snack, have it and enjoy it fully and eat your next healthy meal like normal.

One day is perfectly fine to have a sweet snack, but, don’t over do it, and get back to your healthy meal plan right after.

Join The Healthy Mummy

Healthy eating plans are all about balance and consistency.

The Healthy Mummy and the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge are lifestyles and have been created to ensure busy mums can SUCCEED in their weight loss goals.

When celebrations like Halloween do come up the great thing about The Healthy Mummy is that they don’t have to be avoided.

With a little support, meal prep and swapping sugary treats for healthier versions, your weight loss goals still remain the same!


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