Healthy Mummy Jess loved the ease of The Healthy Mummy app whilst she was pregnant

Healthy Mummy Jess knew exactly what she needed to do to stay healthy when she was pregnant with bub number five, grab The Healthy Mummy app and get planning.
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Healthy Mummy Jessica May Magill has been part of The Healthy Mummy Community for years and had not only lost 20kg but also enjoyed healthy pregnancies thanks to the Healthy Mummy.

When she fell pregnant with baby number five Jess knew how to stay healthy during pregnancy and used The Healthy Mummy App to plan, prepare and stay motivated.

Another Healthy Mummy Pregnancy where Jess used the app to stay on top of her health

The Healthy Mummy App was great throughout my pregnancies when I had a craving I could search the app for a healthier version and there were plenty of healthy sweet treats to satisfy my sugar cravings!

When I had morning sickness and was constantly changing my mind on what foods I could stomach, it was handy to be able to search ingredients I had to use in the fridge and find something I felt like too!”

We now have an amazing Pregnancy Meal Plan in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and Healthy Mummy app that is perfect for any pregnant mumma’s hoping to stay healthy during pregnancy. Jess was pregnant before this meal plan was available but that didn’t matter because she knew how to build her pregnancy meal plan that was perfect for her.

“The pregnancy meal plans and workouts came out either right after the end of my pregnancy or just after I had him, so I didn’t use them!

I just made my own meal plans on the app and made sure I was eating enough calories.

“I customised my meal plan to suit my family’s needs. It’s so handy being able to “favourite” the recipes my kiddos love and I always repeat snacks for the week to save time.”

There are some awesome pregnancy workouts in the app, unfortunately, Jess gets hip and back pain that prevented her from doing them but would have loved them during her first pregnancy.

“Unfortunately, I get severe hip and back pain during pregnancy so I was unable to exercise and utilise the pregnancy workouts, they would have been fantastic to have with my first bub though!”

We love that we get to go along life’s journey with Jess and that she’s so happy to share it all with us. And if you think her journey this pregnancy is inspiring you should see the cook up she did while pregnant with bub number four to make sure she had enough meals after the bub came.

Stay healthy during pregnancy with the help of The Healthy Mummy App

With pregnancy-specific meal plans and exercises all accessible via our Healthy Mummy App, join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to have the healthiest pregnancy you can.

Join the challenge today to get access to the app.

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