“The Healthy Mummy has given me a new lease on life and I’m not done yet!” Says mum who’s lost 27 KGS!

Mum of two Rebecca can't believe the difference in how she feels since losing 27 Kgs with The Healthy Mummy's 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
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Mum of two Rebecca from Metford in NSW cannot believe the difference in how she feels since losing 27 Kgs with The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

As a single mum of two energetic little boys, Rebecca has faced some challenges in the last 15 months but is more determined than ever to stay positive, fight those nagging excuses, and keep going!

“Yes I’ve fallen off the wagon many times but I’ve never let that stop my progress.”

Read about her amazing results below!

Rebecca’s Amazing Weight Loss Results

Rebecca has lost a whopping 27 kilos in the last 15months, and with 20 more kilos to go until she reaches her goal weight, she has no intention of stopping here.

It’s easy to make excuses when we feel like giving up, the challenge is to hear those and fight back”

Rebecca says “So many times I could have given up in the last 15 months, with my ex-husband leaving, my oldest son facing some challenges changing schools for next year, my youngest son being diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis and just this week fractured his wrist just in time for summer.”

“Plus it’s 2020 after all and we’ve all been through the wringer with that but I’ve used all of those reasons to push forward and keep the progress going.“

And can’t you tell! Rebecca’s transformation pics speak for themselves!

Feeling all the benefits

“Now being a single mum of 2 energetic little boys(6yrs & 8yrs) I’ve found I have more energy to keep up with them on a daily basis, I’m less moody and even found my work ethic has improved.

Before I would pull up at work and sit in the car pepping myself up to go in, now I’m straight out of the car and bouncing into work. My colleagues and work kiddies (OOSH) have even noticed the difference.”

Rebecca’s Day on a Plate

“In a typical day I would start with a coffee which is a must for me, in saying that I have changed my coffee intake down to 1-3 a day instead of 7-8, I’ve swapped the milk, lowered the sugar and now it’s getting hotter I’ve turned to cold brew coffee while out and about with a hint of cane sugar or sugar free syrup (no milk).

“Mid-morning could be a protein ball or protein smoothie, lunch I try and pack with protein as I’ve usually just finished at the gym and about to head to work so lean meat (chicken, Turkey, tuna), quinoa, plenty of leafy greens or cold grilled veggies.”

“Afternoon tea is fruit (eat with my work kiddies to role model) dinner I am loving baked veg with barramundi or salmon and for a sweet late snack, I go for a protein-rich low sugar yoghurt.”

Favourite Healthy Mummy Snacks and Meals

My favourite Healthy Mummy snacks are the Double Choc Bars (especially if they’ve been in my car and slightly melted) bubble crunch, choc chip banana bread warmed with a little ice cream after the kids are in bed) and creme brulee.

“My favourite Healthy Mummy meals – there’s so many!!”

“Many meals I adapt to suit as one of my boys is Gluten-free the other Dairy-free.”

Workouts in The Healthy Mummy App

“I’m loving all the workouts, even if I’m not sure about one I’ll give it a go, I’m not a dancer in public but love dancing so I’m really enjoying doing those in the privacy of my own home. I like to change it up depending on how I’m feeling if I’m sore after the gym.”

Rebecca’s 3 Tips for Success

  • Keep positive, even if you’re feeling flat find something within your day or week that was positive and run with that.
  • Change what your doing, if you’ve been doing something the same for a while and now not seeing the results you were, change it up. Maybe it’s changing your menu plan or your exercise regime
  • Ask for help when you need it, this could be asking a friend to walk with you or come over and cook some meals with you, maybe it’s taking the plunge and walking into the gym and having a chat about a PT.

Great tips Rebecca and thank you so much for sharing your story so far!



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