How The Healthy Mummy support group has helped this mum overcome her inner struggle

Michelle Anderson says that her story is hard to talk about and I do get quite emotional. But she says that she is a healthier and happy place now.
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Michelle Anderson says that her story is hard to talk about and I do get quite emotional, but it’s more of a happy emotion, realising how far I have come, not just with the weight loss but in all areas.”

michelle anderson

Michelle has suffered from anxiety for as long as she could remember and she feels that this is when she started to gain weight. She says she would emotional binge eat, feel better, but then feel “down on myself knowing it wasn’t healthy.” She says that she had been suffering for so long, she just didn’t know where to turn or how to reach out for help.

the same time, Michelle says she was suffering from addiction and only stopped while she was pregnant, “as much as I suffered, I would never risk my children’s life like that.” However, she says that as soon as her children were born, they cycle “just started over.”

Michelle says that she has overcome this and is thankful that she is living her best life. She says, “I am who I am because of all I’ve been through. So it does make me see that I am stronger than I ever thought.”

How The Healthy Mummy helped Michelle

Structure and routine

As a result of her anxiety, Michelle says that she has needed structure and routine. “I need structure and The Healthy Mummy gave me that to focus on.” She goes on to say, “I knew what I had to do each time and when.”

Trying different diets

“I have tried so many diets over the years and all have failed,” Michelle says. “It felt like they were sucking the life out of me and I had to starve myself for results.”

“The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has taught me so much about food and what you need to fuel your body.” Michelle says that because of The Healthy Mummy “I have found my passion and I am currently studying personal training and nutrition.”

Managing anxiety

Michelle recommends the “mind, body, breath” for anyone who is suffering from anxiety. She says it really helps you to focus on your breathing.  “I do this right before bed, I used to have a terrible sleeping pattern, it was so broken, now I sleep better than I ever have.”

The Healthy Mummy support group

“Without The Healthy Mummy support group, there is absolutely no way I would be here where I am,” Michelle says that she has never been part of something so positive, women bringing each other up, not tearing them down.

She goes on to say, “every time I want to share a piece of me and have the fear of being judged, it has just proven to me what a supportive community it is.”

Now, when Michelle sees someone else struggling whether it’s mentally or with weight loss, she will jump on and comment.  “I just think if they can see it’s possible to get through it all, then that’s what I want to do because those were the comments that got me through.”

“Finding The Healthy Mummy has changed my life in so many ways.”

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