How this mum dropped 5 kilos in just one month!

Mum Julie proves what can be achieved in just a month!! By joining the Healthy Mummy she's 5kilos down already and feeling amazing.
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Mum Julie proves what can be achieved in just a month!!! By signing up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, and taking part in the 12 Week Challenge, Julie is already 5 kilos and 18.6 cm down, toned up and feeling amazing!

Julie Mcinnes is 46 and lives in Redlands in Queensland. She has a 13 year old daughter and a 26 year old step daughter who she calls her bonus daughter.

For Julie, the weight had very quietly crept on, and before she knew it, she was heavier than she was at full term pregnancy.

‘When I hit 74kgs I thought wow, no that’s not good. I’ve never been big, and while 74 kilos isn’t big by any means, it was for me.

Julie wanted to drop some kilos’ but she also wanted to be a good role model for her daughter.

She says, ‘While I wanted to lose the weight, I wanted to show my 13 year old what a healthy lifestyle looked like and the benefits, so I started my journey.’

That journey began with signing up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge with access to the  Healthy Mummy App. Within the first month Julie was able to lose almost 5 kilos.

‘I’m down to 69.2 now and I’ve toned up a lot! I feel amazing and while somedays are hard to get motivated, once I do I feel so much better for it. I have an addictive personality so this is a good addiction!’

Losing weight while working from home

Julie works 90% of her time at home, so starts her day with an early morning walk to set her up for the day ahead. She’s also found other ways to keep active during her working day.

‘I also walk around my back yard when having meetings, even a teams/zoom meetings you can turn the camera off and walk.’

7 Ways to lose weight when working from home

She’s also found the Healthy Mummy App to be a great help with meal planning and getting organised.

‘Working from home it’s probably more important to meal prep so I have everything ready for my working week.’

“I’m on the 12 week challenge and that has helped push me as I’m competitive.”

Find all about the 12 Week Challenge here

‘I have the Healthy Mummy Smoothies but I’m still trying out recipes as I’m an avid baker, I’m just starting to incorporate the smoothies next week.’

Julie’s Day on a Plate

Breakfast:  2 coffees and a warm lemon drink in the morning.
Morning snack: is fruit, love the apple and cheese (who knew??!!)
Lunch: is a chicken salad (pictured), one of the many on the App.
Dinner is family favourites,  snitzels, sausages etc I normally rotate these
Evening Snack: have made a custom night snack of a glass of milk and a tim tam.

Favourite Workouts

I enjoy the Afterburn workouts and the 10 min workouts and try to rotate them.

Julie’s Top Tips

  1. Measure and take the photos, you don’t have to share, but if you don’t take them you will disheartened when the scale doesn’t move.
  2. Don’t beat yourself up, one bad day does not make a difference
  3. Don’t let bad thoughts rent space in your head – that is my mantra!

Congratulations Julie!!!


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