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How to Lose Baby Weight and Reclaim your Body!!

If there’s something we understand at the Healthy Mummy, it’s that achieving healthy weight loss after giving birth can be a challenge.  Whether you’ve just recently given birth and are taking care of a newborn or are weeks, months, or years postpartum, we know that juggling motherhood with all of life’s other commitments makes finding the time to focus on your health hard.

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It’s true that for some women losing the weight they gained while pregnant happens without much effort, but that is not all of us.  So if you are struggling to lose your baby weight, you’re definitely not alone.  Studies show that many women hold on to at least a couple of kilograms postpartum, while a quarter of us may be still be five or more kilograms over our pre-baby-weight one year after giving birth.

Luckily, if you are stuck with extra unwanted kilos there are things you can do to shift them.  But before we get to that it is important that you are not too hard on yourself for how your body looks and feels.  Remember that it grew and stretched for months to provide a home for another little person, so it may be better to not focus on getting your pre-baby body back, but to focus on helping your body to heal and be healthy and strong. 

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