How to stay motivated when embarking on a healthier lifestyle

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Everyone struggles to stay motivated at different stages of their weight loss journey. It’s not easy when you have kids and a family to worry about it.

At The Healthy Mummy, we are here to help you every step of the way throughout your weight loss journey and we have compiled some of our top tips to help keep the motivation as you continue on your healthy eating plan.

It would be nice to just down tools and give yourself a week off, but you won’t be doing yourself any favours if you do.

The motivation that you have is what keeps you going and is what keeps you focused on your healthy eating and healthy lifestyle – and is what we try and do on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. 

How you can stay motivated on your weight loss journey

One of the most important points in successful weight loss and following a healthy eating plan is staying motivated – and knowing how to stay motivated day in day out.

Yes you can

  • Don’t quit if it takes time to see results. It takes 9 months to grow and nourish a baby, and it will likely take the same amount of time to lose that weight. Slow and steady is the key to long term weight loss, changing your eating habits and exercise routine- so keep going!!
  • Every slip up and mistake you make is you learning- Don’t beat yourself up about falling off the wagon during the first week. Instead see every mistake as a new experience and think about why and how you slipped up and how you can prevent it happening again.
  • Re-visit your Goal Sheet; are you still on track to achieving your goals?
  • Did you make a Motivation Board? They are a great tool to keep you focused every day – See How Here
  • Have you been customising meal plans in the Healthy Mummy App? Making your menus to suit you and your lifestyle/needs really helps to keep you on track to succeeding and achieving your goals. See how to customise your meal plans here


10 tips for staying on track

1. Have a goal in mind

Samara one change a month achieve goals

Whether it be a monthly goal or a long term goal, create a mental picture of how you want your body to look, or even find a picture and stick it on the fridge – that way if you get tempted to have a binge the picture will be staring back at you!

2. Reward yourself for every five kilos you lose

Not with food, but will a new handbag or facial, something that will make you feel special.

3. Don’t allow yourself to feel deprived

If there is a certain food you cannot live without, schedule it into you diet mid morning once or twice a week, that way you can burn it off throughout the day, and not feel guilty.

4. Have a ‘cheat meal’ ONCE a week

8 common household meals that contain MORE calories than your daily allowance!

This gets some people through those first few weeks. Once your new healthy lifestyle becomes a habit – you will no longer need to call it a cheat meal, you will naturally allow yourself to give into your cravings occasionally.

5. Exercise with a buddy


Working out with a friend is not only more fun, but that way if you’re feeling lazy, you have someone to help you get moving again.

6. Walk your pet


If you have a pet, take them out for walks daily and you will both benefit from the movement and fresh air.

Plus, researchers have found that having a dog is more likely to lower your risk of heart disease!

7. Sleep in your workout clothes

If you plan to train in the morning, you will feel more motivated to get up and go for that morning jog.

Check out The Healthy Mummy’s Activewear.

8. Plan weekly meals in advance

Do all your shopping for the week on a Sunday or Monday including snacks, that way you will be less likely to opt for take away or fast food. The 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan can be a big help with this

9. Don’t quit if it takes time to see results

It takes nine months to grow and nourish a baby, and it will likely take the same amount of time to lose that weight. Slow and steady is the key to long term weight loss, creating a real healthy mummy!

10. Follow your own journey

And finally – remember that slow and steady wins the race!

You can and will get there if you take it one day at a time and it’s your own journey and you will do it in your own time.

how to stay motivated

We hope that these few tips can get you back on track if your first week didn’t go as you had planned.

And always remember that you are not in this alone!

There are 1000’s of other mum’s on this journey with you so make sure that you are a part of the Facebook Support Page so that you can get advice, motivation and inspiration when you need it

how to stay motivated

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