“Today I am the happiest, healthiest, most confident version of myself” says mum who transformed her physical and mental health

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When Samara Rochelle Khoury signed up to The Healthy Mummy four years ago it was in a desperate bid to find herself. Racked with anxiety and suffering postpartum depression after her second baby was born, Samara had no idea she was at the beginning of the journey that would change her life forever.

Not only did Samara lose 17 kilos in 8 months, but she also beat her depression, transformed her mental and physical health and found a ‘fearless’ attitude to life that has seen her thrive.

I have found true self love, self respect, self worth and self confidence – now I am FEARLESS.”

Samara is staring in the Healthy Mummy’s new “Real Mum’ Workouts”, showing other mums how they too can transform and change their lives for the better.

Find more about these amazing new workouts and Samara’s story below

Samara’s incredible weight loss journey

Samara began her Healthy Mummy journey over four years ago, after the birth of her second daughter. She had experienced prenatal depression and anxiety that had affected her esteem and how she felt about her body.

Samara shares, “During my second pregnancy I had stopped weighing myself as I couldn’t deal with the scales continuously going up. I had very bad prenatal and postnatal depression and anxiety. I was even thinking that my girls would be better off without me.”

The Healthy Mummy gave me something to focus on and a reason to be selfish and to find myself again.”

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge completely changed the way Samara thought about food and healthy living.

“It totally opened my eyes. Things started to change when I began eating food to fuel my body rather than just to fill it. I started moving my body for fun instead of for punishment.”

Samara went on to lose an incredible 17 kilos in just 8 months and has been toning and maintaining her weight ever since.

Samara’s Totally New Outlook

“I have beaten depression and am now living the best life possible for myself and my 2 daughters. I couldn’t be more proud of the person I am today because of the Healthy Mummy.”

I want my results to show you that it is possible! Not every day will be easy, but it will get easier every day! You may take one step forward and two steps back at times, but you will always fall back on an amazingly supportive group of women who have your back!”

Moving back to Sydney and becoming a single mum, made Samara realise what is so important in life, particularly in relation to her two daughters.

“Setting a good example for my two girls is so important to me. Especially while they are still young, so that eating healthy and moving their body becomes second nature to them as they get older”

Finding a Passion for Fitness

“I love to take time for myself to workout at the gym when I can. The Healthy Mummy App exercises are great to follow along with. I love to blast my music as I work up a sweat and often find physical exercise is great for my mental health!

“I have reignited my passion for fitness and I hope to start studying again. I’d love to work in the fitness industry. The Healthy Mummy has given me the courage and confidence to chase my dreams and goals again. I  don’t put myself on the bottom of the priority list anymore. I make sure that I make time for myself, whether that is to exercise, to meal prep, or to practice self care.”

“Always remember you are so much more than ‘just a mum’!! You are YOU!! Be proud of every step you take in living a healthier life for you and your family!”

Real Mum’s HIIT Beginner and Intermediate Level Agility Workouts with Samara

Samara is working out with the Healthy Mummy’s amazing Fitness Trainer Wendy in full-body HIIT workouts with functional moves for strength and cardio. They are great for agility with karate moves for shaping and toning to increase oxygen for more energy. They will work your abs, butt, thighs and tone the arms.

These workouts are ideal for mums who feel beginner workouts aren’t quite challenging enough or who are motivated to get faster results on their journey safely.

Wendy says, “Any mum who wants to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally should do these workouts! The cardio is great for the heart and lung organs, while the strength training helps for balanced posture as well as mental strength! The functional moves help mums get through day to day activities and have more energy for their family.”Samara loves these workouts and believes that making exercise part of her daily routine has helped her maintain a healthy weight and keep her mentally strong.

She says, “Move your body in any way and as much as you can every day. Take the stairs, dance in your lounge room, walk to school instead of drive. And be consistent! You won’t lose weight or tone in a few days. Remember it takes time so keep going!

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