Meet our PT Wendy Smith: ‘I’m a mum and have been where you are’

For the VERY first time we are sharing the story of our INCREDIBLE and bubbly Healthy Mummy personal trainer Wendy Smith.
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You probably recognise her from our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App exercises, but for the VERY first time we are sharing the story of our INCREDIBLE Healthy Mummy personal trainer Wendy Smith.

Being a mum herself and finding herself in a similar situation as many of the mums in our community, Wendy has overcome so much and now she’s here to HELP YOU.

We sat down with our bubbly fitness fanatic to find out more about her journey to health, happiness and fitness…

Meet Wendy, our awesome Healthy Mummy personal trainer!

“I’ve been a PT for over 17 years and I absolutely love it,” says Wendy.

“I’m passionate about making the whole planet healthier and happier and feeling betterEspecially mums, because I am a mum. I’ve been where you are before.”

‘I get what it feels like to feel broken’

However, Wendy has had her dark days and she reveals she struggled with her weight at one time following a tragic accident.

“About 10 years ago a 200 kilo door landed on my back, that incident really put a break on it for me and I put on the weight,” she says.

“It was depressing and I get what it’s like to feel broken. I had to rebuild. I had competed in Australia for Miss World and I suddenly had a broken back and three bulging discs.”

Wendy’s road to recovery

Wendy says after the accident she felt like giving up on herself.

“After the accident, I had put on the weight and was a Paddle Pop shape, I was over 40 and I thought, ‘This is me forever. Oh well, I’ve got two kids, I’ll just sit on the couch’,” she admits.

“Then I thought, ‘No, why should I just clock off out of life’. My journey has gone back to feeling better than ever. I’ve got so much energy to spend with the kids and having that life and fun.

“I went from not being able to walk to going to water parks all day with my family and going up and down the rides. My kids are like, ‘Can we go home now, Mum?’ But I’m the one who is saying, ‘Just two more rides!’ I had to go back to strengthen my core and build myself back up again.”

Working out in our HIIT workouts

Wendy is now healthier than ever and back to her best, and you can see her enthusiasm as she works out in our HIIT workouts on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

“The HIIT training is amazing. Everyone who does the HIIT training will start to love it as well,” says Wendy.

“It’s different from other HIIT workouts because we’re doing it. We’re mums, we know how to do it safely and really get the muscles working at all levels.

“You want to feel the muscles working to tone and strengthen – that’s what shapes your body.” 

Wendy’s advice for first-time mums who want to lose the baby weight

Wendy warns new mums to not rush to get back into shape straight away but to take baby steps.

“After first 6-8 weeks get your specialist and doctor to make sure you’re okay – check for muscle separation. Then you can do all of our basic exercises for abdominal separation so it’s really important to start at that beginner stage,” she adds.

“Little steps, do what you can. Work through the app and follow me and you will get results 100 per cent. If you follow The Healthy Mummy regime you will look like Ash, we’ve got it proven. She’s done it, and we can do it. The beginning is the hardest, but it gets easier.”

‘Be in tune with your body’

Wendy says mums need to not aspire to jump back to their pre-baby weight like many celebrities do.

“With celebrities, they’ll push for getting body back straight away, but they’ve got a live-in personal trainer and they’ve got a live-in personal chef,” she says.

“It’s unrealistic for real mums. As a mum you’re sleep deprived, you’ve got to recover first. You’ve got to be in tune with your body. The exercises are the ones we do on The Healthy Mummy are safe, doable and fun.

“You don’t need to go to the gym or find a babysitter. I met a mum who told me she did the exercises in her pyjamas! Her baby was playing around on the floor, she was in the nursery, she did it in-between cleaning. You can do it anywhere, any place, any time.”

And Wendy reveals she has so many more exercise plans with The Healthy Mummy for 2018!!!!

She adds, “It is amazing, we’ve got lots of exercises coming out next year and the aim is to get the whole community, fitter, stronger and happier.”

Great intro, Wendy! We’re so excited to see what’s in store for us next year!

Enjoy working out with Wendy on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

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