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Help occupy your kids these school holidays with these easy Christmas recipes for kids to make

It’s the festive season which means it is also the start of the summer school holidays. So on top of frantically trying to make sure you have everything sorted for Christmas Day you also have your school aged kids at home screaming for your attention and to be entertained.

We thought why not get the kids involved in the Christmas preperations! Here are some kid-friendly Christmas recipes that are so simple you can get the kids to help.

cruncy santahats plate

5 Christmas recipes simple enough your kids can help

Healthy Candy Canes

candy canes fruity
This is a festive way to get your kids to eat some fruit plus it’s so simple that they can make them! You just need to pre-cut the fruit and they will be ready to create healthy fruity candy canes, even through in some other fruits to mix up the colours from the standard red and white.


  • 2 banana’s
  • 8 strawberries


  1. Slice fruit (or pre-slice and just have ready for the kids)
  2. Arrange on platter or plate alternating a strawberry slice with a banana slice to make the candy cane effect.

Makes 3 Candy Canes

Fruit Christmas Tree

fruit christmas tree

  • 2 apples
  • 2 pears
  • 1 slice of watermelon
  • Cherries for decoration
  • Desicated Coconut for decoration

You will also need a star cookie cutter


  1. Slice fruit (or have it pre-sliced ready for the kids)
  2. Arrange in the shape of a Christmas tree with a watermelon slice as the trunk and the apple slices as the tree
  3. Use cookie cutter to make star for tree topper
  4. Decorate with cherries as baubles and sprinkle with desicated coconut for a snow or tinsel effect

Bubble Crunch Santa Hats

cruncy santahats plate

Our Peanut Bubble Crunch is a HUGE favourite in The Healthy Mummy Community especially with the kids, here is how you and the kids can make it festive by turning it into Santa hats. This recipe may require a bit more aduly supervision but is still a fun one to get the kids to help with, just follow the Peanut Bubble Crunch recipe and make the below tweaks.

Peanut Bubble Crunch recipe available here.

To make the Santa hats:

  1. Add red food colouring instead of cocao
  2. Mould into Santa hat shapes
  3. Melt 1 tbsp of white chocolate to stick sugar free marshmellows on for the fluff

NOTE: You can swap out the peanut butter with Tahini to make it a nut free recipe for those with allergies.

Gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread cookies

This will involve a lot of adult supervision to make and bake the cookies but once they are baked and have cooled you can let your kids run wild with the deocorating! Plus if you want to you can give their creations as gifts to teachers, family and friends who we are sure would love such a personalised gift and your kids will love being able to say they decorated them. Another delicious biscuit recipe!

Just use this gingerbread cookie recipe and then whatever cookie cutters you have around to make the shapes, did you know your gingerbread man cookie cutter seconds as a reindeer cookie cutter? We didn’t!

reindeer cookies gingerbread

No-bake Christmas Trees

4 Ingredient Rice Bubble Christmas Trees

These simple but fun Bubble Christmas Trees are the perfect snack to get the kids involved in creating! They are so simple and only require four ingredients.

Grab the fun filled recipe here.

Have fun baking and creating with the kids using these delicious recipes.

Get some more festive inspiration with these recipes.

Simple snacks that will keep you on track this festive season.

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