Research shows that making one change a month can help you achieve your goals.

New year new you, you’ve heard it all before! Unfortunately making a change is not as easy as a catchy slogan, but it may be more achievable than you think.

Read on to find out how!

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What the research found

It’s Dry January in the UK (like the Australian Dry July) and related research has revealed some surprising facts. Researchers found that during this month of abstinence from alcohol, 9/10 participants saved money, 7/10 slept better and 3/5 lost weight- so far so good!

Interestingly researchers also found that focusing on one thing created a ripple effect of improvement – where making a positive change in one area of life will inevitably change other areas of life too.

Due to saving money, losing weight and sleeping better, researchers found this spurred participants on to continue to engage in either no alcohol or healthier drinking habits.

Changing one aspect of their life seems to have created a ripple effect of improvement with participants saying they felt empowered and in control, which motivated them to continue their new healthier habits past one month.

How you can implement this

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The two key takeaways from this research are:

1. Make a change now

Don’t wait to see progress – This could take months, leaving you feeling unmotivated and unhappy. Commit to drinking more water instead of soft drinks or concentrate on gradually cutting refined sugar from your diet.

You can also make a change to your fitness levels by walking to work, going for a run with the kids or committing to exercising five or ten minutes longer each day. Whatever you decide to do, do it now!

2. You need to take charge

Weight loss is a choice – You can choose to continue to be unhappy with who you are and the weight you have or you can take charge and start taking steps towards a healthier you.

When you take charge, you feel empowered, so what are you waiting for? This year definitely has the potential to be the year for you!

Join the thousands of mums who have started on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and make the change today.


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