Meet Malinda our new Meditation teacher in The Healthy Mummy App!

We are really excited to let you know all about the brand new Meditations we have now available in the Healthy Mummy App, and for you to meet Malinda Hayward!
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We are really excited to let you know all about the brand new Meditations we have now available in the NEW RELAUNCHED Healthy Mummy App, and to introduce you to our new Meditation teacher, Malinda Hayward!

Getting the right mindset and looking after your mental health is an integral part of looking after your overall health. Mediation can be an amazing tool to help you do this, and a great way to destress and clear your mind.

Find out all about our new Meditations and Malinda Hayward below


Meditation is a practice you may have been hearing a lot about in recent years, especially in the last few months as we have spent more and more time online. Meditation is where we, as individuals use a specific technique to help calm our brainwaves and focus the energy of our mind & body.

Despite meditation becoming “trendy” in recent years, it has actually been around for thousands of years, dating back as far as 5000BC. There are various forms of meditation which will allow your mind to focus on different things. The multiple styles of meditation stem from a multitude of backgrounds/traditions and it is a very personal thing.

Meditation has a range of benefits including but not limited to:

Stress/Anxiety relief

  • Improving Concentration
  • Increased self-compassion/kindness
  • Lowering heart rate/blood pressure
  • Better self-awareness
  • Can control pain
  • Improving sleep

Meet Malinda Hayward

meditation teacher
meditation teacher

I am Malinda, Yoga & Meditation Teacher from the Northern Beaches, Sydney. I have been a dedicated student of Yoga and Meditation for 12 years, and after years of battling chronic illnesses and the benefits I found through Yoga and Meditation, I took the leap to become a Yoga and Meditation teacher and I have never looked back. I have a special interest in Yoga as a therapy, which uses the tools of breath, poses and meditation to give students practical skills to use in everyday life.

I have designed 3 meditations for you, each with very different purposes. These are all beginner-friendly, however, if you have never meditated before or are feeling nervous, I would recommend starting with the 10 minute guided meditations.”

Stress Relief Meditation

The aim of this meditation is to attempt to quieten your mind so that you can try to detach from any stresses that may have happened throughout your day. We often carry a lot of excess stress & emotion without even realising, and this meditation will help clear those excess feelings out so that we can come to a place of calm in our minds.

Energising Meditation

This meditation is wonderful if you are feeling flat and lacking energy. If you are game – you could even try this instead of your 3pm coffee pick me up! Here we focus on bringing fresh energy into your body so that your mind and body feels revitalised.

Sleep/Yoga Nidra Meditation

Sleep is something that is such a necessity for our minds and bodies to heal, yet one of the biggest challenges for women is getting enough sleep. This meditation is designed to allow you time to fall asleep towards the end. So even if you are a beginner, the 20 minute Yoga Nidra/Sleep Meditation will help send you off into dreamland. This meditation is also designed to attempt to quieten your mind, so that you will be ready to enjoy a nice deep sleep. Even if you don’t fall asleep during the meditation, know that in this meditation you are quietening your brainwaves to a level that is very similar to the sleep state, so you are essentially getting the benefits of sleep, without drifting off.

“When meditating, please remember that there is no right or wrong, no success or failure. If we find that we can’t focus or there’s a recurring thing that comes into our mind, that is okay, we are just humans doing the best we can every day. I hope you all enjoy these new meditations.

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