Baby Names

Want to know what NOT to name your baby? These are the most unpopular baby names of 2018

These baby names from Netmums are among the most common in the 1970s and 1980s but NO MORE.

The 50 names have plummeted in the rankings in recent years and are now on the verge of extinction!

Think Frank and John, gone!

100+ baby names that parents didn't pick last year

50 most unpopular baby names

1. Gary

2. Anette

3. Gareth

4. Norman

5. Elaine

6. Linda

7. Susan

8. Ronald

9. Carol

10. Janet

11. Nigel

12. Donna

13. Gerald

14. Tracy

15. Judy

16. Barry

17. Debbie

18. Amanda

19. Roy

20. Jeremy

21. Cindy

22. Gail

23. Clive

24. Ian

25. Mandy

26. Cynthia

27. Cecil

28. Colin

29. Gordon

30. Paula

31. Howard

32. Muriel

33. John

34. Doris

35. Steven

36. Tanya

37. Bernard

38. Angela

39. Paul

40. Derick

41. Karl

42. Karen

43. Brian

44. Morag

45. Mavis

46. Sharon

47. Frank

8. Marcia

49. Roald

50. Edna

Want more names!? If your last name consists of 10 or more letters these baby names are for you!

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