Mum achieves her goal of completing 302km bike ride

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Healthy Mummy, Megan, is super proud of herself (so are we Megan!) after completing her goal of a 302km bike ride with her dad.

“I’m glad I never listened to that inner voice of doubt because that voice would have stopped me from succeeding and feeling utter euphoria. That voice is not your friend, and as hard as it can be sometimes, we all need to do our best to dull or silence it and prove it wrong.”

Mum achieves her goal of completing 302km bike ride

Megan Carter is a mum of four children aged, 17, 13, 2 and a 1-year-old. Megan has lost 33 kilos in 14 months following the Healthy Mummy.

Megan says, “302km bike ride, 4 days, up and down hills, in the cold, wet and windy. Call me crazy. Call me dedicated, inspired, motivated BUT most importantly, Call me ACHIEVED!!!!!!”

Megan’s goal

“A year ago I set a goal I was not entirely sure I could actually succeed at. I was 5 months postpartum with bub #4. 39 years old and carrying 35 kilos more than I was comfortable with.

“My goal was to participate in 4 days of The Great Victorian Bike Ride 2019, and today I achieved my goal!!!!!!

“I finished riding and felt an immense sense of achievement and pride in myself.

“I might not have been the fastest but it’s not always the destination you should focus on but the journey to get there. I’ve had many times over the last year doubting myself, thinking I wasn’t heading closer but staying stagnant or going back but I never gave up.

“I had many moments over the last 4 days thinking I keep going, that it would be easier to get on the SAG wagon but again, I never gave up.

“Never give up on yourself because I can assure you that every step is getting you closer to where you want to be. Those hard times are there to test you, be stronger and fight harder and then feel that INCREDIBLE sense of accomplishment when you do get there, because believe me, THAT feeling is worth absolutely every little bit of work to get to it”

Megan’s weight loss journey

Megan says, “With The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge  I’ve lost 33 kilos in 14 months thanks to the incredible Healthy Mummy recipes, occasional Healthy Mummy Smoothie and AMAZING support, inspiration, motivation, and love from the Healthy Mummy community.

“Making a BIG long term goal was extremely daunting, especially when your heading towards 40 and feel like you’ll be fighting an uphill battle to not only lose the extra weight but regain your fitness and strength.

“But having that long term, big goal, I was able to break it down into smaller, more manageable goals over the weeks and months leading up to the Great Vic Bike Ride.”

Support from The Healthy Mummy Community helped keep Megan on track

“Doing the ride with my dad was also a huge motivator, as it was an experience I could share with him and that extra bit of accountability that was needed to keep striving forward.

Megan shares, “It wasn’t easy, thinking of the end goal, I had a gigantic amount of times where I thought I couldn’t achieve what I wanted to. There were times that weight either stayed in a plateau or went slightly up and I would equate this to my fitness not improving either. Of course, my mind wanted me to give up and throw in the towel, a lot of the time my motivation deserted me, but I simply refused to give up.

“I knew I had to be stronger than all my excuses, I leaned on my support system of my family and Healthy Mummy community, I kept moving and kept the faith that with determination, focus and consistency, I was capable of more than I realised and that I wanted to not only make my Healthy Mummy friends and family proud but I wanted to make myself proud and to show myself that if I could survive sexual assault, my husbands suicide at 30, a nervous breakdown, anxiety and depression, 4 pregnancies, I could and I would achieve my big goal.

“I can assure you, the actual ride was definitely not easy. Your battling the hilly terrain, the weather, lack of sleep from camping, muscle soreness, but most importantly your own mind, which can be your own worse enemy.”

I am woman hear me roar!

“Knowing there was a safety wagon, to pick you up if you couldn’t keep going was another huge mental barrier to overcome but it really is a matter of digging in and continuously telling yourself you CAN do it, just one foot in front of the other, forward movement will get you there in the end and to imagine that sense of pride when you reach the end.

“And reach the end I did!!  I crossed that finish line, I wasn’t the fastest but I got there, with tears streaming down my face. Not because I was upset but because my emotions were so great, I honestly couldn’t contain them. I HAD DONE IT! 

“I was absolutely ecstatically elated. I had proved to myself that I am woman and everyone should hear me roar. I felt on top of the world and while sore and tired, felt I could take on absolutely anything. It honestly was one of the best feelings in the world and I was beyond proud of myself.

“I’m glad I never listened to that inner voice of doubt because that voice would have stopped me from succeeding and feeling utter euphoria. That voice is not your friend, and as hard as it can be sometimes, we all need to do our best to dull or silence it and prove it wrong.

Megan’s tips for everyone else

“Each and every woman deserves to feel that overwhelming sense of achievement and pride in themselves for reaching for and achieving their goal.

“It may not happen straight away, it may take a lot of work, it may involve steps forward and steps back but know, if you continue to try, to pick yourself up if you fall, to have faith and believe in yourself, you WILL feel what I felt as I crossed the finish line, and you deserve to feel it, never ever believe you don’t.”

  • Never give up
  • Always be stronger than your excuses
  • Make those big goals to strive for
  • Challenge yourself to see change
  • Never lose sight of that end goal
  • Surround yourself with positivity and others who can see your potential and capabilities
  • Believe in the incredibleness that is you as a mother, a woman, a queen

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