Mum down from size 30 to 20, yet scales have not changed in a year. Wow!

Mum who went down 5 dress sizes but hasn't seen her scales budge in over a year is pleasantly surprised when she sees a comparison photo of herself.
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We can’t take our eyes off Jessica Patton who says her weight has not changed in the past year, yet she has gone down from a dress size 30 to 20. Wow!

This really is further confirmation that weight loss should not simply be measured by the number on the scales.

Check out Jessie’s AMAZING body transformation below.


Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Jessie shares her truly remarkable weight loss transformation.

Weight Loss Results

She says “Ok, so I’ve amazed myself today!

From a size 30 in 2016
To a Size 20 in 2018

I had thought because the scales hadn’t moved at all in 2018, I hadn’t made progress…wow was I wrong!”


Clothes are now comfortable

Since transforming her body Jessie says, “I am so comfortable in this floaty top today and I remember being so uncomfortable and hot and embarrassed back then.”

How Jessie has transformed her body

If you are wondering how she did it Jess says

“No fad diets, no gym membership.

Just healthy balanced eating and regular at home exercise i.e Tabata, boxing, walks, bike ride.”

Berry smoothie in a glass jar on the breakfast with raspberries, oatmeal and honey on a white background,top view

I am a Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenge member and more often than not have a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast.”

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Looking forward to the future

Jessie is excited to reach more goals this year.

She says “I’m still a long way from my goal weight (not even my optimal BMI), but heck I have I already come so far.”

You certainly have Jessie. Congratulations on completely transforming your body and lifestyle with The Healthy Mummy. We look forward to seeing you continue to smash more health and fitness goals in 2019.

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